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one of the fastest compound bows ever made
All Bite. No Bark. Obsession M6Z
... it's how well you bow fast. Check out this 356 fps stealth bomber decked out in stunning tactical black. Absolutely the best of the best performance bow for 2017.
our best selling compound bow just got better
The Diamond Edge SB-1
... save $100 on the crescent wrench of compound bows. Fits virtually any shooter; performs in any situation. You don't have to spend a fortune to hunt with the big dogs.
bear prowess compound hunting bow for women
Bear Prowess with Bad Intentions
Not another shrink-it and pink-it ladies' bow. The Prowess is a true purpose-built hunting bow. This beautiful predator is pro-shop prepped and big-game ready for $499.
martin featherweight carbon compound bow riser technology
An Affordable Carbon Bow? Yep!
A surprise for the whole industry ... Martin's new Carbon Featherweight challenges the high-priced status quo on carbon riser bows. Only 3.5# and it's smokin' fast to boot. Look out!
hunter's friend compound bow ordering guide help assistance banner

Compound Bow Selection Guide
compound bow selection guide tech article
Even if you know little or nothing about a compound bow, you'll practically be an expert by the end of this five-part mega guide. So pour yourself a fresh coffee and grab a little snack. We're about to take you on a guided tour of the bow industry.
Carbon Arrow University
carbon arrow selection guide tech article
If you're one of the many bowhunters who select arrows by just grabbing a handful from the miscellaneous arrow bucket in the local mega-mart, you may be surprised to learn that you've been cheating yourself, and perhaps, putting yourself at risk.
Compound Bow Fitment
compound bow fitment fitting guide
Fitting a person to a compound bow is a critical step. We can help. Many archers have misconceptions about what is and isn't "proper". To help offer a little clarity on bow fitment, we dared to challenge the myths and misconceptions in this guide.
Archery Pro-Shop Services
archery pro shop services example
Our compound bow packages are complete field-ready bowhunting systems which have been professionally prepared, adjusted, tested, tuned and pre-sighted in our pro-shop by an actual technician. It’s not a gimmick or a pre-boxed solution.

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