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8 Full Turns
While most bows only allow for 3 or 4 draw weight adjustment turns on the limb bolts, the Outbreak has extra long bolts that allow a full 8 revolutions. So you can adjust the draw weight over a HUGE range with just a hex wrench.
The incredible new Bear Outbreak is the universal bow of the season. This one bow adjusts from 16"@15# to fit a little grade-schooler, all the way up to a full 30"@70# to fit a burly 6'4" big-game hunter. The Outbreak is not just a man's bow - or a woman's bow. It's not just a youth bow - or a short-draw bow. And it's not just a beginner bow - or a big-game hunting bow. The Outbreak is a bow that simply does it all. The Outbreak is whatever kind of compound bow you want it to be.

The Outbreak is lightweight, powerful, and a joy to shoot. So you can crank it up for some big game hunting or adjust it down to use as a starter bow, or set the mods mid-stack for a teenager, or rig it up as a summer bowfishing bow ... you get the point. The Outbreak is one incredibly versatile bow. And best of all ... no gimmicks. No parts exchanges or expensive grow-up programs. Everything is on board. All you need is a couple hex wrenches. You don't even need a bow press. If you can turn a screw, you can adjust the Outbreak yourself.

If the versatility doesn't blow you away, wait until you pick this bow up. It weighs only 3.5 lbs, and the soft rubber grip is particularly comfortable. It just feels good in your hand and it shoots as good as it feels. With the Outbreak's integrated string dampener and high-deflection limbs, there's surprisingly little noise and vibration. Oh! Did we mention that the Outbreak is super affordable too? We love this little bow. We bet you will too.

Of course, we've loaded this great bow up with everything: rest, sight, arrows, stabilizer, bow case, wrist sling, mechanical release and MUCH MORE. But don't expect the box to be full of loose parts and assembly instructions, because this awesome rig comes ready for action the moment you unpack it from the case. Our pro-shop does all the work in-advance. So this awesome bowhunting rig arrives 100% ready to shoot. Scroll down for all the details.
There's one big benefit to the Outbreak's old-school G2 styled geometry ... it only weighs 3.5 lbs. Compared to most parallel limb long-risered hogs, this bow is a featherlite - perfect for young shooters and those who prefer a lighter weight bow.
Progressive Cam
The Outbreak's cam system is really smart. Draw weight and draw length scale up and down together, so as the bow needs to be fitted to a taller/stronger shooter, the bow automatically makes the right draw weight adjustments. This allows a monster range of application for almost any size or age shooter. See below for all the specifics.
Includes the bow, the arrows, accessories, and it arrives ready-to-shoot.
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bear outbreak progressive adjustment diagram Progressive Draw Length and Draw Weight

The Outbreak's cam system requires a little extra explanation, since draw weights and draw lengths are not entirely independent. This cam and limb system is progressive, so as the draw lengths get longer, the draw weights get heavier. So as shooters grow taller and stronger, the bow grows right along with them. Of course, bigger-taller-stronger isn't universal to everyone, so the Outbreak has extra-long limb bolts to allow 8 full turns (up to 20 lbs.) of easy draw weight adjustment at every draw length.

For example, when set for 23" draw length, the Outbreak has a peak draw weight of 56# and a minimum draw weight of 35# (limb bolts turned 8 full turns out). But if you change the module setting to make a 28" draw length, the peak draw weight goes up to 68# and the minimum draw weight goes up to 47#. As you surely will notice, the progressive fitment curve of the Outbreak is not linear. This is no accident. The cam's geometry has been specifically designed to accommodate the widest range of people possible - with particular consideration for growing teenage shooters. If your size falls within the colored bar, the Outbreak fits.

If you're confused about where to start, please read our help section on bow fitment or just call our sales desk at 877.410.7811 and we'll walk you through it.
SPECIAL NOTE: A quick word of caution about arrows ... when you order your Bear Outbreak, we will include arrows of the appropriate length and spine stiffness for the initial DL/DW settings you request. For example, if you order your bow set for 60# and 28" draw length, your arrows are likely to be 400 spine shafts trimmed roughly 27-28" long (depending on the arrow rest fitment at assembly). However, if you elect to make significant draw length/draw weight changes later, your arrow requirements may change. And since the Bear Outbreak has such a HUGE adjustment range, you could easily adjust the bow beyond the capabilities of your original arrows. Remember to never shoot an arrow that is too light, too limber, or too short for the settings of your bow. See our Carbon Arrow University or call 877-410-7811 for additional information.
IBO SPEED:    308 FPS BODY TYPE/WEIGHT: DRAW WEIGHT Complete Ready-to-Hunt™ Package Deal
A2A LENGTH:    29.25" Small Child (40-70 lb.)    10-15 lb.
BRACE HEIGHT:    7.25" Medium Child (70-100 lb.)    15-25 lb. $489.00 (setup, tuned, and delivered*)
DRAW WEIGHTS:    15-70# Larger Child (100-130 lb.)    25-35 lb.
DRAW LENGTHS:    16-30" Small Frame Women (100-130 lb.)    25-35 lb. tiny question mark icon   HELP & INFO
BOW MASS:    3.5 LB. Medium Frame Women (130-160 lb.)    30-40 lb. tiny phone icon   How to Order: What you should know first.
BOW FINISH:    REALTREE APG CAMO Athletic Child (Boys 130-150 lb.)    40-50 lb. tiny book icon   Read the Compound Bow Selection Guide
ECCENTRICS:    DUAL CAMS Large Frame Women (160+ lb.)    40-55 lb. tiny world icon   Information for International Customers
LET-OFF:    80% STANDARD Small/Medium Frame Men (Up to 180 lb.)    50-65 lb. tiny camera icon   View a jumbo-sized photo of this bow package.
WARRANTY:    LIFETIME Large Frame Men (180+ lb.)    55-70 lb. tiny hammer icon   Visit the bow manufacturer's official website.
bow package components and services
buyers choice icon
apex 3 pin sight
Apex 3-Pin Fiber Optic

VERY LIGHTWEIGHT! High-strength composite sight featuring a TruGlo fiber-optic steel pins and gang windage and elevation bracket. Ridged adjustment sliders grab tight and will not "slip" out of adjustment. All weather sight adjusts easily with just a simple allen wrench.
SIGHT CHOICE #2   Most Popular
Trophy Ridge Sharp Shooter Sight

Simple, rugged, and accurate. All the essential features and reliability you need for a successful hunt: lightweight design, precise components, bright fiber optics and rock-solid lock down features. Reversible for RH or LH mounting. Includes 3 bright .029" fiber optic pins and contrast Glo Ring.

trophy ridge punisher sight
buyers choice icon
whisker biscuit arrow rest
Quickshot Whisker Biscuit

The rest that started the arrow containment revolution ... the Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit.  Your arrow will never fall off the rest again. Just nock it and forget it with the new QuikShot EZ loading system. The great shooting, silent drawing Whisker Biscuit has taken the industry by storm. Once you try it, you'll never go back.  Now featuring the new B2 biscuit with improved bristles for less fletching wear and friction. 
Trophy Taker Xtreme SL

One of the most successful drop away arrow rests of all time. The Trophy Taker Xtreme SL combines the lightning fast action of a modern fall away with the arrow containment benefits of a bristle-style rest. Excellent for use with feathers, large fletching, and aggressive turns. Perfect arrow flight every time - guaranteed.

trophy taker xtreme sl
buyers choice iconcarbon arrows ARROW CHOICE #1  Most Popular
6 Custom Carbon Arrows

Half-dozen custom carbon arrows (.006" or better straightness).  Durable, lightweight shafts fly 20% faster than comparable aluminum arrows.  Provides excellent penetration and knock-down power.  Fletched with vanes or feathers.  All arrows come with practice tips installed (matched to the grain weight of your broadheads - of course).
6 XX75 Camo Hunter Aluminum Arrows

Sometimes it's better to stick with what works.  More deer have been killed with the XX75 than any carbon arrow can dream about.  This is the true "old standard" against which all hunting arrows are judged.  Sturdy 7075-T9 aluminum construction with Super UNI bushing and S-Nocks installed.  Superior flight and reliable penetration.  Tips included. 
aluminum arrows
buyers choice iconallen soft camo bow case BOW CASE CHOICE #1
Allen 614 Camo Padded Soft-Case

Plenty of room for your bow, plus room for a jacket and other gear too.   Attractive lightweight design.  This camouflage padded case protects your gear without the bulk of heavy hard-shell cases.  Slip it easily behind your truck-seat or store in the closet or on a simple nail, using the hanging strap.  Case is foldable when not in use and easy zipper closure gets you in and out fast.
BOW CASE CHOICE #2  Most Popular
Flambeau Safe Shot Hard Case

Sturdy, molded construction from Flambeau.  Secure 4-latch closure. Hood & loop fastening straps. Incorporated structural pillars for added durability, and features built-in broadhead wrench.  Good looking and rugged with plenty of room for all your other gear.  Airline approved. 
flambeau hard case
buyers choice iconthunderhead braodheads BROADHEAD CHOICE #1  Most Popular
3-PK NAP Thunderheads

Why take a chance?  Thunderheads are one of the world's most popular selling broadheads for good reason ... they get the job done!  Three blades of razor sharp carbon steel for excellent blood trails and a quick humane harvest. 3-Pack included with your RTH bow system 85, 100, & 125 grain weights available.

If you do not want broadheads included with this package, you may exchange for additional arrows.  See details in shopping cart below.

3-PK Muzzy MX3

One of the best-reviewed broadheads on the market today.  Hardened steel TroCar Tip 1-1/4'' cutting diameter Blades interlock in aluminum ferrule for additional stability Vented .025'' stainless steel blades.  Trocar tips bust their way in, and 3 razor sharp blades do the rest.  A brutal and effective hunting head.  100 and 125 grain weights available.

If you do not want broadheads included with this package, you may exchange for additional arrows.  See details in shopping cart below.

muzzy mx3 broadheads
trufire patriot release YOUR RELEASE
Tru-Fire Patriot Caliper

The reliable Patriot features aluminum construction dual jaw head, and the head rotates 360°. Padded black nylon Power Strap, much easier to put on then any V-style strap.  Fits both left and right hands. Will not damage bowstring.
Trophy Ridge Shockstop Lite

A good stabilizer does double-duty, providing the right balance for steady aiming and absorbing shock and vibration at the point of the shot. The Trophy Ridge Shockstop Lite answers the call of duty. Made of a soft vibration-absorbing material, this stabilizer will have your bow shooting quieter than you ever expected.

shockstop stabilizer

trophy ridge 4 banger quiver
Trophy Ridge 4-Banger Quiver

Lightweight, durable and compact. The 4-Banger features a quick detach quiver bracket and holds 4 carbon or aluminum arrows firmly in place. Comes in matching Realtree APG Camo. Soft double-clipped rubber arrow holder stays pliable, even in the coldest weather, so arrows stay put until you need them.
Hi-Tek Rope Braided Sling w/Grommet

This quality braided sling helps to promote proper open-handed shooting form. Material will not soak up human scent. Rugged rope design with soft flexible grommet mount. Fully adjustable for any size hand or to accommodate bulky clothing. Camouflage rope design.

hi-tek wrist sling
peep sight options animation YOUR PEEP SIGHT CHOICES
Trio, Fletcher, or Tube Peeps

When you order your bow package, please select the style and size of peep sight you prefer. You may choose from the popular TRIO-Style peep sight (medium/large), the FLETCHER-Style peep sight (small/medium/large), or a TUBE-Style peep (large). Standard install height is 13 cm above the nocking point, but you may choose a HIGH (15 cm) or LOW (11 cm) alignment to accommodate special conditions. See help section below for additional details.
6 Saunders Steel Points

Perfectly matched to the diameter of your arrows, 6 steel screw-in practice points are included and already installed on the arrows with your bow system. Precision machined and weight accurate to +/- 1 grain.  Removes quickly for broadhead installation.  Style may vary.

saunders field points
bow assembly SETUP
Every bow package is hand-assembled at our Pro-Shop by a qualified archery professional. No details are overlooked. The peep sight is served in place, the nock or loop set is installed, the draw length and weight is set to your specifications, all hardware is carefully installed and properly adjusted, and your arrows are custom built to suit your particular bow and settings. The string gets waxed, axles lubricated, and the bow is given a thorough inspection - top to bottom - for any flaws in manufacturing. If the bow and related gear aren't up to standards, they don't leave our shop!
paper tune hole PAPER TESTING/TUNING
We actually test-shoot each bow. Every bow is paper tested by our staff shooters, to ensure that your arrows will fly like a laser beam when launched from your new bow. Adjustments are made as necessary until each arrow tears a clean "bullet-hole", indicating perfectly level and straight arrow flight for the best possible accuracy. We resolve any and all fletching clearance problems and align each arrow nock for a clean zero-contact launch. Be advised that paper-tuning results are only repeatable if you shoot with proper form (no torquing, trigger-jerking, improper grip pressures, etc.).
tight arrow group RANGE TESTING
Each bow is tested at distance to ensure that arrows will group tightly. 3-Arrow groups are shot at 15, 25, & 35 yards and measured by our staff shooters. We use the 25/2 rule. If our staff shooters aren't grouping 3 arrows into a 2" circle at 25 yards with your new bowhunting package, then we retune until the 25/2 rule is met. While variances in individual shooting form makes exact pre-sighting impossible, we test shoot each bow and rough-set your top sight pin for a 20 yard shot. This gets your sight-pins in the "ball-park" so you won't have to start from scratch - possibly sending an arrow into an unforgiving neighbor's yard.
getting started booklet GETTING STARTED
When you receive your new bow system, you will just need to make fine adjustments to the top pin, then finish-up by setting the remaining pins for the distances you prefer. And if you're new to the sport, or not so handy with tools and gadgetry ... don't worry. You'll also receive a copy of our booklet Getting Started with Your Compound Bow which offers detailed instructions on the sighting-in procedure as well as helpful maintenance and safety tips. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS BOOKLET THOROUGHLY BEFORE YOU BEGIN SHOOTING.
We chronograph each bow to ensure that the actual arrow velocity is within the expected range. You will receive a System Statistics report with your new Ready-to-Hunt™ Bow Package. This report will precisely detail the exact velocity of your arrows, grain weight and length of the arrows, recommended tip weights, the exact bow settings, and dozens of other specs related to your bow system. Keep this sheet for your reference. If you ever need additional arrows or want to make changes and adjustments on your bow, you'll have the original data for reference.
Each fully assembled bowhunting package is delivered - packed tightly in the bow case of your choice. Loose parts, like the release and broadheads, are all safely tucked inside too. Once full, the bow case is boxed and sealed for safe transport. Your bow system is then shipped, via FedEx Ground, to your home or business. A tracking number will be provided to you, so you'll know when to expect delivery. All packages are fully insured and require a signature at the point of delivery.
complete bow package bar
down arrow  Order by Phone   down arrow  Order Online        Arrow Safety Bulletin
If you would like to talk things over with one of our experts first, please don't hesitate to call us toll-free at 877-410-7811 (M-F: 8-7, S:8-4, ET). Archery is our favorite subject. We will be happy to help you make the best choices and go through your options one by one. We have a zero-pressure sales policy - no one will press you to make a purchase or hound you afterwards - we promise.

If you would like to do a little research before calling - or if you're new to the sport - please read our Help with the Details Section on how to select the proper draw weight, draw length, arrow options, etc. That way you won't be blindsided with technical questions. The guide details all the questions you'll be asked during the order process. Ordering one of our Ready-to-Hunt™ Compound Bow Packages takes about 10 minutes on the phone.

If you're ordering a bow with non-standard options, special sizes, or if you would like to build your own package, please order by phone. You may also inquire about custom orders at our general inbox

International customers, please see instructions for placing orders from outside the U.S. and Canada.

bear outbreak package 425 px tall

Bear Outbreak Bow Package Banner



Suggested Items for Your Bow Package
rhino strings maintenance kit hips whitetail target cube hybrid target
Spare String & Cable Set
Built to to match the original specifications of your bow, the Rhino series string and cable set, built by America's Best Bowstrings, can be a real life-saver should your original strings ever become compromised. Balanced two-color black & grey twist BCY Dyna Flight 97 material meets or exceeds factory specs. Sold as a complete string and cable set only. Custom string sets also available.
Bow Package Maintenance Kit
14"x11" Padded Camo Pouch which holds a handy kit to help keep your bow package in top shooting form. Includes 9-size Archer's Allen Wrench Set, 6-compartment broadhead box, string wax, broadhead wrench, 6 extra inserts and nocks for your arrows, nock installation tool, and FastSet arrow adhesive. Sold only with the purchase of a Ready-to-Hunt package.
Hips X2 Whitetail Block Target
The Hips X2 Series Whitetail is great for the backyard or camp. With dimensions of 18"x16"x14" the Compact has plenty of shooting surface for sighting in and enough thickness to stop even today's most powerful bows. The perfect portable size you'll love. This target is MAP priced at $79.99, but is available for $20 off ONLY with the purchase of your Ready-to-Hunt Bow Package.
Hips X2 Herd Bull Target
The Hips X2 Series Herd Bull is a target that simply lasts and lasts. With dimensions of 18"x16"x19" the X2 Herd Bull has enough surface area to soak a heck of a lot of shots. Spend less time searching for arrows and more time shooting. Shoot a Herd Bull!
  Some Frequently Asked Questions  
  Q: Can I make changes, upgrades, additions, or subtractions to this package?  
  A: You sure can. If you would like to "customize" your Ready-to-Hunt™ package, please just call our sales desk at 877-410-7811 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you make any changes you like. If you prefer, we can also assemble a completely new package using parts you specify. Please contact our sales desk with your "wish list" and we will be happy to give you a custom quote.  
  Q: When will my bow package arrive?  
  A: To most locations in the continental United States, the safe answer is 7 to 10 business days. Please note that business days are not calendar days. We put a considerable amount of care and labor into every Ready-to-Hunt™ bow package, as we want to make sure we get it right the FIRST time. So if you're not willing to wait for work to be properly performed, we ask that you not order a Ready-to-Hunt™ Bow Package. We don't perform rushed-quality workmanship under any circumstances.

However, we realize you're anxious to get your order and begin shooting. So we work hard to make sure our bow systems are built and shipped within 5 business days of your order (most ship within 2-3 days). Once completed and shipped, packages are delivered via FedEx Ground within 1-5 business days (delivery time will vary by location of course). Please allow 1-2 days extra time during peak season (August -Sept). Once your bow system ships, you will receive a FedEx tracking number via email. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to call us at 1-877-410-7811 or email us.
  Q: Do I still get my factory warranty?  
  A: Absolutely, YES! Hunter's Friend is an authorized Bear Archery dealership and ALL bows purchased from our store (locally or via mail-order sales) are 100% covered by the factory warranty. Hunter's Friend is also an authorized warranty service center for every brand of bow we sell. If you EVER have a problem with your bow, don't panic ... CALL US FIRST! Over 90% of common problems can be resolved over the phone. If your bow needs warranty repairs, we'll make sure you get the parts and service you need.  
    Thank You for Shopping @ Hunter's Friend  
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