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PSE Legacy Recurve Bow Banner

PSE Legacy Recurve Bow Photo
Fiberglass Reinforced
When it comes to backing a bow or stiffening a riser, you simply can't beat Fiberglass. The Legacy features glass backed maple limbs and a fiberglass stiffener in the grip for consistency shot after shot.

PSE Archery's Heritage Series Legacy Longbow features beautiful exotic wood laminations backed with fiberglass for strength and durability. The 68" Legacy's Reflex/Deflex design eliminates the shock usually associated with longbows, making for an extremely comfortable shot. This design boasts arrow speeds approaching that of a recurve, with the sleek lines and stack-free draw of a longbow.

The Legacy is an especially great buy for longer draw shooters on a budget. Getting a short bow to perform at lengths of 29" and over has always been an uphill battle. The Legacy's 68" AMO length allows for an ultra-smooth draw even as far out as 31" with minimal stacking. The Reflex/Deflex design of the Legacy truly lends itself to efficiency.

The standard longbow style shelf helps out in the speed department as well. In-shop testing of 400 Spine Beman Centershot arrows with 125 grain tips trimmed to 30" shot from a 29" anchor resulted in dart-like arrow flight. If you're a long draw shooter on a budget who is ready to shed the bonds of sights, releases, and stationary targets the time has come to give the PSE Legacy a serious look.

Of course, we've loaded the PSE Legacy Longbow Traditional Bow Package with everything you need to get started: shelf rest, quiver, arrows, broadheads, field points, your choice of a glove or tab, a quality arm-guard, string silencers, and all the other little trimmings to take the guesswork out and get you on the range. But don't expect the box to be full of loose parts and assembly instructions, because this awesome rig comes ready for action. We take it all the way from setting the initial brace-height to final tuning so that this awesome bowhunting rig arrives 100% ready to shoot. Scroll down for all the details.

Select Hardwoods
The legacy is carefully made from beautiful black walnut, cherry, and maple. The Black walnut and Cherry give contrast to the Legacy's gorgeous grip. Maple lends its impressive flexibility and resilience to produce a limb you can depend on.
We take the guess-work out of your setup so that you can spend less time tinkering and more time shooting. Every bow is set-up, tested, and fired 50-60 times to ensure the best combination of brace height, tip weight, and arrow spine.
Includes the bow, the arrows, accessories, and it arrives ready-to-shoot.
PSE Legacy Front Grip Detail PSE Legacy Unstrung PSE Legacy Shelf Detail PSE Legacy Lower Limb Detail PSE Legacy Limb Tip Detail PSE Legacy Limb Core Detail PSE Legacy Lower Limb Tip Detail
AMO Length:    68" BOW $199.99 SILENCERS $9.99   Complete Ready-to-Hunt™ Package Deal
Bow Type:    Longbow GLOVE $9.99 NOCK SET $1.99  
String Type:    Dacron ARMGUARD $9.99 STRINGER $14.99   $329.00 (setup, tuned, and delivered*)
RH Draw Weights:    30,35,40,45,50,55,60 ARROWS $67.99 SETUP FEE $40.00  
LH Draw Weights:    45,50,55 QUIVER $24.99 SUBTOTAL $416.41   tiny question mark icon   HELP & INFO
Grip Type:    Mid-High Wrist BROADHEADS $34.99 ------------- -------------   tiny phone icon   How to Order: What you should know first.
String Length:    64" FIELD TIPS $1.50 +6% SALES TAX $24.98   tiny book icon   Read the Traditional Bow Selection Guide
Limb System:    Fixed     GRAND TOTAL $441.39   tiny world icon   Information for International Customers
Reinforced Limb Tips?:    YES YOU SAVE OVER $110 ON THIS PACKAGE DEAL!   tiny camera icon   View a jumbo-sized photo of this bow package.
Limb Core Material:    Maple   tiny hammer icon   Visit the bow manufacturer's official website.
bow package components and services
buyers choice icon
Neet FG-2 Glove
GLOVE CHOICE #1  Most Popular
Neet FG-2 Glove

These gloves have been on the market for decades, and for good reason. They just work! High quality suede leather construction combined with a tough Elastic back insert makes for one of the most comfortable and effective gloves on the market. Smooth leather fingertips allow for a clean release every time with no string twist. Best of all, the Neet FG-2 glove seems to last nearly forever when properly cared for.
Pinch-Free Tab

The Neet "Pinch-Free" Tab has got to be one of the smoothest releasing tabs around. The soft felt finger spacer prevents nock-pinch and makes for a much more consistent release than other designs. The Pinch-Free Tab's backing is made of super-soft suede leather to give good durability while preventing the tab from slipping off your fingers between shots and providing good purchase on the tab while shooting. All in all, the Pinch-Free tab is hard to beat!

Neet Pinch-Free Tab
Custom Leather Armguard YOUR ARM GUARD
Custom Leather Armguard w/ Elastic

We provide you with a custom leather armguard to take the sting out of shooting. Constructed of tough, yet supple, dark brown leather, our custom armguard is easy on your string as well as your wrist. Our armguard also features three elastic closures with speed loops to aid in taking it on or off. You can also wear it over loose clothing to keep your sleeve out of the path of the string.
Premium Longbow Stringer

Modern longbows are not easily strung. While you aren't buying the bow of Odysseus it is still nice to have an easy way to get it strung. This premium recurve bow stringer will reduce the possibility of limb warpage or bow damage while stringing. We don't recommend any other method for stringing your recurve as damage can easily occur. Featuring tough leather pockets and a high tensile string, our Premium bow stringer should last indefinitely.
Premium Recurve Stringer
Beman Centershot Traditional Arrows ARROW CHOICE #1  Most Popular
Beman Centershot Traditional Arrows

Half-dozen custom fletched Easton Axis Traditional Arrows..  Durable, lightweight shafts fly 20% faster than comparable aluminum arrows.  Provides excellent penetration and knock-down power.  Fletched with feathers.  All arrows come with practice tips installed (matched to the grain weight of your broadheads - of course).
Easton XX75 Aluminum

Sometimes it's better to stick with what works.  More deer have been killed with the XX75 than any carbon arrow can dream about.  This is the true "old standard" against which all hunting arrows are judged.  Sturdy 7075-T9 aluminum construction with Super UNI bushing and S-Nocks installed.  Superior flight and reliable penetration.  Tips included. 

Easton XX75 Aluminum Arrows
Muzzy Phantom Broadheads BROADHEAD CHOICE #1
Muzzy Phantom Broadheads

The Muzzy Phantom Broadhead is well known for its legendary toughness and penetration. The Phantom offers total confidence for the serious big game hunter. The 4-blade design includes two .040" primary blades and two .028" secondary blades, for ultimate penetration performance. 1-1/8" cutting diameter. When you are looking for deep penetration, the Muzzy Phantom has many rivals and few equals.
Magnus Stinger Broadheads

All Magnus Stinger Stingers perform flawlessly from the fastest bows on the planet... with field-tip accuracy. The quality of our construction is unmatched, but if you break one, Magnus will replace it by the terms of their Lifetime Guarantee. You can sharpen the main blades yourself, or replace them... either way, the Stinger effectively fills every need for a solid hunting broadhead.
Magnus Stinger Broadheads
Neet Deluxe Pocket Quiver QUIVER CHOICE #1
Traditional Leather Hip Quiver

The Traditional Leather Hip Quiver will keep your arrows in check and out of the dirt. This quiver is perfect for shooters looking for traditional style without having to learn to use a back quiver. Just right to keep your arrows handy and within easy reach. Manufactured of soft suede, the Traditional Leather Hip Quiver can hold over a dozen arrows without any trouble at all.(Not for use with broadheads)
Neet Back Quiver

Theres nothing quite like a back quiver when you're shooting traditional. Your arrows will always be close at hand, ready to deliver that quick follow up shot in the Neet Back Quiver. Best of all this baby is VERY adjustable. We're pretty sure it will fit anyone and everyone. The Neet Back Quiver also features a hard plastic endcap in the bottom to keep you safe from your arrows.
Neet Back Quiver

Leather Shelf Rest
Shelf Plate & Rest (style may vary)

Sometimes simple is just the way to go. When you're shooting traditionally it is hard to beat shooting off the shelf. No other arrow rest gets your arrow closer to the "sweet spot" ergonomically. While off-the-shelf shooting requires extremely careful tuning of bow, arrows, and shooter, once you are shooting there is nothing to fail, nothing to adjust. It doesn't get any simpler.
Mountain Man Beaver Balls

These things are great! Real ultra-soft Beaver-Fur strips for your string. It doesn't get anymore premium. Mountain Man Beaver Balls are easy to install too. Simply slip one end of the strip between the fibers of your string, wrap it closely around the string until you get the other end, then tuck the other end between the fibers. After a quick waxing up to the silencers you're done! Best of all, they're SUPER quiet.
Mountain Man Beaver Balls String Silencers
6 Saunders Steel Points

Perfectly matched to the diameter of your arrows, 6 steel screw-in practice points are included and already installed on the arrows with your bow system. Precision machined and weight accurate to +/- 1 grain. Removes quickly for broadhead installation. Style may vary.
NEET Padded Soft Case (+$40.00)

Long enough to handle your unstrung recurve or longbow Neet's Padded Soft Case will protect your bow's finish during transport with 1/2" thick foam padding and brushed Trico lining. The Neet Soft Case also features a full length zipper for easy access and an 8x6 inch accessory pocket to carry along your extra possibles.
Mountain Man Beaver Balls String Silencers
bow assembly SETUP
Each bow package is hand-assembled at our Pro-Shop by a qualified traditional archery professional. No details are overlooked. The brace height is carefully set and tested, the nocking point is crimped on, arrows are tested based on your draw length, draw weight, and release style. Any hardware is carefully installed and carefully adjusted, and your arrows are custom built to match the ideal setup for your configuration. Finally, the string is waxed and the bow wiped down. Each bow is given a thorough inspection - top to bottom - for any flaws or damage. If the bow isn't up to standards, it doesn't leave our shop!
tight arrow group RANGE TESTING
Each bow is tested at distance to ensure that arrows are flying straight with minimal deviation. 3-Arrow groups are shot at 15, 25, & 35 yards and measured by our staff shooters. If a bow has an issue it is going to show up during this portion of testing. Any bow deemed incapable of a high level of consistency is summarily rejected. We wouldn't ship a bow that we wouldn't shoot ourselves. While variances in individual shooting form make an exact fit for your personal shooting form difficult to achieve, we are certain that you won't find anyone who performs a cleaner out-of-the-box tune on traditional equipment.
We chronograph each bow to ensure that the actual arrow velocity is within the expected range. You will receive a System Statistics report with your new Ready-to-Hunt™ Bow Package. This report will precisely detail the exact velocity of your arrows, grain weight and length of the arrows, recommended tip weights, the exact bow settings, and dozens of other specs related to your bow system. Keep this sheet for your reference. If you ever need additional arrows or want to make changes and adjustments on your bow, you'll have the original data for reference.
Each fully assembled bowhunting package is delivered - packed carefully so that each item arrives to your door safely. Loose parts, like the glove, armguard, and broadheads, are all safely tucked inside too. Once full, the box is sealed for safe transport. Your bow system is then shipped, via FedEx Ground, to your home or business. A tracking number will be provided to you, so you'll know when to expect delivery. All packages are fully insured and require a signature at the point of delivery.
complete bow package bar
down arrow  Order by Phone   down arrow  Order Online        Arrow Safety Bulletin
If you have any questions or custom requests, give us a call at 1-877-410-7811 and we'll be happy to help. If you would like to do a little research before calling - or if you're new to the sport - please read our Help with the Details Section on how to select the proper draw weight, draw length, arrow options, etc. That way you won't be blindsided with technical questions. The guide details all the questions you'll be asked during the order process. Ordering one of our Ready-to-Hunt™ Recurve Bow or Longbow Packages normally takes about 10 minutes on the phone.

If you're ordering a bow with non-standard options, special sizes, or if you would like to build your own package, please order by phone. You may also inquire about custom orders at our general inbox

International customers, please see instructions for placing orders from outside the U.S. and Canada.

PSE Legacy RTH Recurve Bow Package

PSE Legacy RTH Traditional Bow Package Heading


Suggested Items for Your Bow Package
Scorpion Venom Wax maintenance kit hips whitetail target cube hybrid target
Scorpion Venom Wax

This polymeric wax is designed for those preferring a traditional dressing. This formula is flexible, will not freeze or become brittle as other conventional wax based products.

Optimized conditioning oils of Kokum, Shea, and Mango prevent premature aging and oxidation of the product. Odor free.

Bow Package Maintenance Kit
14"x11" Padded Camo Pouch which holds a handy kit to help keep your bow package in top shooting form. Includes 9-size Archer's Allen Wrench Set, 6-compartment broadhead box, string wax, broadhead wrench, 6 extra inserts and nocks for your arrows, nock installation tool, and FastSet arrow adhesive. Sold only with the purchase of a Ready-to-Hunt package.
Hips X2 Whitetail Block Target
The Hips X2 Series Whitetail is great for the backyard or camp. With dimensions of 18"x16"x14" the Compact has plenty of shooting surface for sighting in and enough thickness to stop even today's most powerful bows. The perfect portable size you'll love. This target is MAP priced at $79.99, but is available for $20 off ONLY with the purchase of your Ready-to-Hunt Bow Package.
Hips X2 Herd Bull Target
The Hips X2 Series Herd Bull is a target that simply lasts and lasts. With dimensions of 18"x16"x19" the X2 Herd Bull has enough surface area to soak a heck of a lot of shots. Spend less time searching for arrows and more time shooting. Shoot a Herd Bull!
  Some Frequently Asked Questions  
  Q: Can I make changes, upgrades, additions, or subtractions to this package?  
  A: You sure can. If you would like to "customize" your Ready-to-Hunt™ package, please just call our sales desk at 877-410-7811 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you make any changes you like. If you prefer, we can also assemble a completely new package using parts you specify. Please contact our sales desk with your "wish list" and we will be happy to give you a custom quote.  
  Q: When will my bow package arrive?  
  A: To most locations in the continental United States, the safe answer is 7 to 10 business days. Please note that business days are not calendar days. We put a considerable amount of care and labor into every Ready-to-Hunt™ bow package, as we want to make sure we get it right the FIRST time. So if you're not willing to wait for work to be properly performed, we ask that you not order a Ready-to-Hunt™ Bow Package. We don't perform rushed-quality workmanship under any circumstances.

However, we realize you're anxious to get your order and begin shooting. So we work hard to make sure our bow systems are built and shipped within 5 business days of your order (most ship within 2-3 days). Once completed and shipped, packages are delivered via FedEx Ground within 1-5 business days (delivery time will vary by location of course). Please allow 1-2 days extra time during peak season (August -Sept). Once your bow system ships, you will receive a FedEx tracking number via email. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to call us at 1-877-410-7811 or email us.
  Q: Do I still get my factory warranty?  
  A: Absolutely, YES! Hunter's Friend is an authorized PSE Archery dealership and ALL bows purchased from our store (locally or via mail-order sales) are 100% covered by the factory warranty. Hunter's Friend is also an authorized warranty service center for every brand of bow we sell. If you EVER have a problem with your bow, don't panic ... CALL US FIRST! Over 90% of common problems can be resolved over the phone. If your bow needs warranty repairs, we'll make sure you get the parts and service you need.  
    Thank You for Shopping @ Hunter's Friend  
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