help buttonIf you are planning to use a mechanical release, we would be happy to setup your new bow system for a direct-string release or a string-loop release. This allows you the option of placing your caliper release directly around the bow's string or around a small c-shaped piece of rope. Today, the string loop is the popular choice. But again, there's no right or wrong. The choice is up to you.

String Loop
string loop photo one string loop photo two

Choose this option if you would like to hook your caliper release around a string loop. A brass nocking point is still installed, and the arrow is positioned just beneath it - in between the string loop ends. The string loop protects the actual bowstring from the abrasive effects of the metal caliper. The string loop is usually the best choice for short axle bows minimizing the effects of an acute string angle. Does a String Loop Change my Draw Length?

Direct String Release
direct string nocking point 1 direct string nocking point 2

Choose this option if you would like to hook your caliper release directly around the string. A brass nocking point and rubber Eliminator button will be installed. The rubber Eliminator button provides cushion between your release and the nock of the arrow - keeping the arrow from dislodging from the string at full draw - and protecting the nock from being gouged by the metal caliper. Good choice for longer axle bows.