We don't use machine-fletched arrows - we custom build every arrow we sell. And since we're going to be fletching your arrows by hand, YOU get to pick the fletching material and colors. We offer you a choice of standard 3" or standard 4" plastic vanes, or you can upgrade to the popular 2" High-Profile vanes, or even upgrade to 3" solid-color parabolic feathers, or 4" solid-color parabolic feathers. While this choice is entirely a personal preference, each type of fletching material has some advantages to consider.

vane and feather choices for custom arrowsVANES: Plastic vanes are more durable than feathers. We strongly recommend vanes for youth-archers, as well as for others who tend to handle their equipment less delicately. Plastic vanes can be crumpled and abused (up to a point of course) and generally still pop back into shape. And since vanes can be fletched in a straight - offset - or helical configuration - they can be used with practically any style arrow rest. Vanes are the popular choice in our shop.

Although 2" High-Profile vanes may be fletched in a right helical (spiral) clamp, the short 2" length of vane only allows for a few degrees of rotation around the arrow shaft. So even if fletched in a helical clamp, 2" High-Profile vanes will only appear to be offset. This is not a discrepancy.

For many archers, feathers offer some enticing advantages as well. Feathers are very light. Three 4" Gateway Feathers weigh about 9 grains - while 3 equal sized vanes weigh nearly 25 grains. The savings in weight means that your arrows are lighter and fly faster with flatter trajectory. The weight savings in the rear of the arrow also means better front-of-center balance on your arrows - especially for those who use lighter tips.

Feathers are fletched in a helical configuration and offer excellent stability for broadheads. But of course, you have to be careful how you handle feathers. They are easily ruffled, ripped, and tattered with rough service. Feathers are REAL feathers (made from the primary flight feathers of turkeys), so you have to take care of them if you want them to last. A hair dryer will not fix an unhappy feather.

We offer vanes and feathers in a variety of standard colors (black, blue, flo-green, flo-orange, flo-yellow, pink, purple, red, and white). Other colors may be available on some fletching types. Please call to request special colors. If you feel daring or don't really care about colors, select "Surprise Me" at checkout and we'll pick some fun colors for you.

It might be worth noting that your choice of fletching color will probably have little or no effect on game, but some colors are more difficult to find among the litter and leaves - should you ever find yourself hunting for a wayward arrow. Colors that don't normally exist on the forest floor (like blue, pink, or bright yellow) are easiest to spot.


If you choose feathers, you should automatically select right-helical turn. If you select straight or offset turn for your feathers, this will cause a delay with your order, as we will have to contact you for clarification. Feathers have a natural twist, so they must be fletched in a helical (spiral-style) clamp.

Vanes can be fletched with any turn you like. You may choose to have your vanes (standard or 2" High-Profile) fletched as a straight fletch, a 4º offset fletch, or a right-helical fletch. Each configuration has some notable advantages and disadvantages. The offset fletch is the popular choice in our store.

straight fletched arrow
Does Not Rotate in Flight
offset fletched arrow
Rotates Slightly in Flight
helical arrow
Rotates Dramatically in Flight
      • Fastest Flying Configuration
      • Least Amount of Air Resistance
      • Works with Any Arrow Rest
      • No Fletching Clearance Problems

      • More Stabilization for Broadheads
      • Little Loss of Arrow Velocity
      • Works with Most Arrow Rests
      • Stable to Moderate Distances

      • Superior Broadhead Flight
      • Best Long-Distance Accuracy
      • Arrow Correct Attitude in Flight
      • Tips Tighten as You Practice

      • Less Stable at Long Distances
      • Less Broadhead Stabilization
      • Requires Well-Tuned Bow
      • Some Fletching Clearance Issues
      • Some Loss of Velocity
      • Less of Arrow Velocity
      • Fletching Clearance Challenging

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