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Our normal lead time is 1-5 working days for shop orders. When we post a heavy volume alert, say +2, that means that our posted lead time has temporarily been changed to 3-7 days. A +5 would mean 6-10 days, and so on. This does NOT include shipping transit time, so plan accordingly for time-critical Christmas orders and planned hunting trips. More details below.



We don't sell bows like most internet and mail-order archery suppliers. Less than 2% of the bows we sell are "bare bows," The other 98% are "Ready-to-Hunt" bows which we first setup and service in our pro-shop. And thanks to our custom setup and measurement methodology, we've largely dispelled the myth that you have to physically walk-in to a store to ensure your archery equipment is fitted and setup properly. Today we are one of the busiest independent Archery Pro-Shops in the United States, and we're honored to be the #1 standalone dealership for many of the brands we represent. We setup over 4,000 Ready-to-Hunt™ Compound Bow Packages each year, and every single bow and custom arrow set we prepare - from the cheapest to most expensive - gets our very best service and support.


You won't ever catch us acting like a "big-box" store. We're not a distribution center, a mass-merchant, a warehouse operation, or some kind of "Power Seller." We're simply an Archery Pro-Shop, and we try very hard to do things right the first time. Of course, it is our goal to prepare and ship your new Ready-to-Hunt™ Bow Package or custom arrow order to you as quickly as possible, so our crew starts building bows and fletching arrows at 6:30 every morning. But our work still takes time. For a typical shop order, you can expect your items to be prepared and shipped within 1-5 working days. If you're not willing to wait for work to be properly performed, we ask that you not order a Ready-to-Hunt™ Bow Package or custom arrow set. We don't perform rushed-quality workmanship under any circumstances.



Our pro-shop builds a bow system FOR YOU - to your specifications, sizes, and preferences. We don't make any assemblies ahead of time. As you will see, our process involves many steps and it cannot be done haphazardly if we expect to get good results. We've outfitted tens of thousands of new bowhunters over the years, and we'll take the time to make sure YOUR rig is done right.


finger-style bow press for modern parallel limb bows

Once you've decided on a rig - it's time for us to get to work. We begin with the bare-bow, adjusting your bow to the precise draw weight, draw length, and let-off settings you select. We check every bow for proper cam timing/synchronization and correct the common factory oversights (cam lean, sloppy axle spacers, untidy servings, etc.). We then professionally install all of your accessories, string inclusions, and additional devices. Our shop is equipped with modern finger-style bow presses to handle today's parallel- (and beyond parallel) style bows. We also use all digital weight scales and Easton's Digital Bow Force Mapping System to ensure accurate chronograph readings.


photo of our tuning room

Every bow package comes with arrows, but we don't use off-the-shelf machine fletch arrows ... EVER. Frankly, they aren't good enough. Instead, we hand build custom arrows specifically to work with your particular bow - matching the arrow spine, weight, length, and FOC to the output characteristics of your bow. Once the arrows are complete and our initial parts assembly process is finished, the bow is pre-cycled for string stretch, and then moved into our "shooting-tunnel" where we conduct our basic paper-tuning processes to examine base arrow flight and chronograph test the rig. But we don't stop there.


shooting a tight group of arrows

With the bow now in relative tune, we then range-test (group-tune) every Ready-to-Hunt™ bow for accuracy and make adjustments as necessary until every arrow is flying laser-beam true. We test-shoot every Ready-to-Hunt™ bow, literally dozens of times, until we're satisfied that the bow is performing properly. This also gives us an opportunity to debug any noise problems, peep or string issues, fletching contact problems, etc.


testing and tuning a compound bow package

Once the bow is grouping properly downrange, our staff shooters rough-set your top sight-pin (for a 15-20 yard shot). So your very first shot with your new Ready-to-Hunt bow is likely to be within a few inches of the bullseye. Of course, every shooter is different. So the fine pin-settings will be up to you (clear how-to instructions included). But our process puts you comfortably "on the paper", so you don't have to start sighting-in from scratch.


bow assembly and testing report

When performance testing is complete, we weigh and spec the custom arrows, compute the actual tested KE output, and document the bow system's settings, final specifications, and serial numbers. With every Ready-to-Hunt™ Bow Package, you will receive a copy of this Shop Order Assembly & Test Report - literally your bow's "technical report card" - which details the results of our setup and testing process. Keep this report for future reference and for insurance purposes.


When our setup process is complete, the technician submits the bow package to the QC inspector for check-off. Everything gets double checked, including fastener torques and critical clearances. If the bow clears inspection, it moves on to packing where the settings, specs, and accessory inclusions are checked one final time. Then the finished bow rig, arrows, and all loose components are loaded into your rugged hard-shell bow case to ensure safe transport to your door.


We've been using this process for well over a decade. Learn more about how this process came about. And when everything goes right, we maintain our production schedule right on time - and everyone is happy. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned. Like any store, we are at the mercy of manufacturer backorders, periods of exceptionally heavy volume, and the occasional natural disaster or utility outage. When something like this happens, we post our expected delay times at the top of this page.



compound bow cam being manufactured

Like many retailers, we must rely on suppliers and manufacturers to keep our store stocked throughout the season. Unfortunately, occasional manufacturing delays are unavoidable in the archery industry. In spite of what it may look like in the magazine and TV ads, this industry is very small. Many famous manufacturers are very small companies with only a few people building parts. There are very few, if any, mega-manufacturing facilities in our industry. And there are no gigantic warehouses where millions of bows and archery parts are stockpiled. It just doesn't work that way. When a part is backordered, there's nothing to do but wait for more to be built. Complaining and yelling simply doesn't work - trust us, we've tried.


So from time to time, a particular model bow, or a certain arrow rest, or a popular make & size of arrow shaft may be backordered or unavailable from the manufacturer. We make every effort to plan ahead for these eventualities (we buy in bulk, program monthly shipments, utilize automatic stock reorder points, etc.) But despite the efforts, now and then we simply sell-out of an item before more arrive to replenish it. Of course, this creates a delay in our process (and a number of headaches store wide). We can't always predict or avoid a backorder, but if we encounter this type of delay with your order, we will notify you of the circumstances and work with you to find some reasonable alternatives (different brand of quiver, another brand of arrow, etc.) to minimize the delay.


bulk stabilizers

You may notice that many of our bow packages feature some of the same parts and accessory choices (Whisker Biscuit Rests, TruFire Releases, Trophy Ridge and Apex Sights, Alpine Quivers, Easton Arrows, NAP Broadheads, Flambeau Bow Cases, etc.). This isn't by accident. We really "stock-up" on these parts. When possible, we buy these parts as bulk (OEM) components, so we always have plenty on-hand for assembly of our Ready-to-Hunt Bow Packages. Buying these popular parts as bulk-stock also allows us to offer a more competitive price on our complete packages.


However, some our Ready-to-Hunt customers request specific (custom) accessories which we may or may not have on hand - and sometimes this causes REAL trouble. If you select custom non-stock components, those items may need to be sourced before your bow package can be built. Sometimes manufacturers fill those special-orders quickly, sometimes not. Frankly, it's a crap shoot. If you call to order a custom package with significant changes, particularly changes which include special-order parts, expect your wait time to be doubled - at least.


Depending on the time of year, we maintain a ready-stock of 500-1,000 compound bows here in the pro-shop. We make every effort to keep all popular models and sizes in-stock and ready for immediate setup. This is fairly easy to do for some bow models. For example, there are only 2 different configurations of the popular Bear Outbreak Package - right hand and left hand. So we're likely to always have at least a few of each size Bear Outbreak here and ready for immediate setup. The Diamond Outlaw, another popular package, only has 6 different configurations. So the Outlaw isn't too challenging to keep in-stock either. We seldom experience delays with these types of "standard" bows.


Unfortunately, some bows are a logistical nightmare to keep in-stock. For example, the hot-selling Bowtech Insanity CPX comes as RH or LH, with a choice of four different limbs, and four different finishes. That means that there are 32 unique configurations of the Insanity CPX, so we would need 32 different bows just to have one of each in stock. We simply could never hope to stock them all. The best we can do is stock the common sizes and popular finishes, and then special-order other configurations upon request. When this happens, we all must wait for the factory to build that bow for you and send it to the pro-shop for setup. Of course, we will work to get it here as quickly as possible. But please realize that in spite of our best efforts, it simply isn't possible to stock one of every bow, in every size, in every camo pattern and color, at all times. If you order a bow that we don't have on-hand, we will let you know if a delay is expected.


heavy volume photo

While archery enthusiasts purchase archery equipment year-round, the months preceding the start of bowhunting season (July-September) are the "busy season" in the archery industry. It's not uncommon for our store to receive July-September orders which are triple the order-volume we see in other months. So during some brief periods, we simply cannot setup our Ready-to-Hunt Bows or fletch arrows fast enough to outpace the incoming orders. During these periods of heavy volume, we post our shop status and the expected delay times at the top of this page. If you are purchasing new gear for an upcoming hunt, where timing is critical, we strongly suggest you order your gear as soon as possible. This will allow us ample time to prepare your gear, and it gives you more (practice) time to get acclimated to shooting a new rig.


We also experience a major seasonal rush around the holidays - specifically from Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) through the second week of December. Again, order volume will often triple and overwhelm our production staff - specifically the popular Youth Bow Packages. We try to be particularly careful with the promises we make - or even imply - around the Christmas holiday. We typically post a cut-off date for guaranteed Christmas delivery (usually around December 15th), because even when we do manage to fill all of the orders, FedEx, UPS, and USPS become similarly overwhelmed that time of year. At Christmas, actual delivery times simply become a guess, and we certainly don't want to be responsible for ruining someone's Christmas. We would rather the last-minute traffic be handled by Santa and Amazon.


happy archer

Again, it is our goal to prepare and ship your new Ready-to-Hunt Bow Package or custom arrow order to you as quickly as possible. In spite of the challenges, we largely succeed in maintaining our posted schedules, and the majority of our shop orders are finished and shipped within just a few working days. But we respectfully ask for your patience, and that you allow us the time we need to prepare your equipment right the first time. When you consider that the average bowhunter keeps a new bow for 7-10 years, allowing a few extra days to get the right equipment and the right setup is surely a wise choice in the long-run.