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Bowtech Prodigy Ready-to-Hunt Compound Bow Package

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Bowtech Prodigy Compound Bow with Accessories


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ON-DEMAND CAM AGGRESSION: If you haven't yet heard of the Bowtech's new Powershift Technology, get ready to be amazed. While most cams allow you to control things like draw length and let-off, the one thing you could never adjust was cam aggression. Changing to a smoother draw-cycle - or a hotter performance draw-cycle - always meant getting an entirely new bow. But not any more. Check out the new 2015 Bowtech Prodigy with Powershift Technology.

1ST, 2ND, & 3RD GEARS: The Prodigy is essentially THREE BOWS IN ONE. In 1st gear, the Prodigy is a brutal rocket-launcher with a 343 fps IBO Speed. Too much? Now shift to 2nd gear and the Prodigy mellows. The draw-cycle moderates to the classic Binary cam feel with smoother transitions and a wider valley. Want to get REALLY smooth? Shift into 3rd gear comfort and the Prodigy feels more like a soft-cycle single cam with silky transitions and a gliding touchdown all the way to the stops. The Prodigy becomes whatever YOU want it to be ... wild to mild.

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FULLY LOADED: Of course, we've loaded this great bow up with some really sweet high-end parts: rest, sight, arrows, stabilizer, bow case, wrist sling, mechanical release and MUCH MORE. But don't expect the box to be full of loose parts and assembly instructions, because this awesome rig comes ready for action the moment you unpack it from the case. Our pro-shop does all the work in-advance. So this awesome bowhunting rig arrives 100% ready to shoot. Scroll down for all the details.

Bowtech Prodigy bottom cam thumnailBowtech Prodigy string dampener thumnailBowtech Prodigy grip thumnailBowtech Prodigy limbs thumnailBowtech Prodigy cam module thumnailBowtech Prodigy limb pocket thumnailBowtech Prodigy quiverside thumnailBowtech Prodigy stabilizer and sling thumnailBowtech Prodigy sight window thumnail

IBO Speed
A2A Length
Brace Ht
Bow Mass
Bow Finish
Break-Up Country
OVD-Binary Cams
every last detail ...
Our bow packages are very different from the basic "kit" or "outfitter" compound bows commonly sold at the big-box stores. Our bow packages are complete Ready-to-Hunt™ compound bow hunting systems that include everything you need for the bowhunt of a lifetime. This custom bow arrives hand-tested and professionally prepared to your exact specifications and preferences. If you're just getting started into bowhunting and not exactly sure what your "specifications and preferences" are? Don't worry. We'll walk you through it step-by-step.
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Axion Pulse Drop Away
Axion Pulse Drop Awayclear spacer block
Very smart! The new Axion Pulse is the talk of the industry. This arrow rest guides arrows longer - but then retracts (falls) faster than other rests ... MUCH FASTER. ... 3 to 5 times faster than spring loaded rests. And there is no possibility of rest rebound either. This rest is simply amazing! The first fully-automatic drop-away arrow rest - no thumb wheel to set - the launcher stays up at all times except at the moment of the shot. You won't believe it until you see this thing in action.
Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot Pro
Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot Proclear spacer block
Just when you thought the Whisker Biscuit couldn't get any better. Trophy Ridge introduces the new Micro-Adjust Sure Shot Pro. With a new aluminum-encased frame, the Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot is 300% stronger than previous models. It features laser-engraved marks for windage and elevation adjustments. They added a dual-bolt mount to the Sure Shot and a set screw for more secure mounting. New design makes setup a cinch.
Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro
Trophy Taker Smackdown Proclear spacer block
Oh yeah! Get ready to put the smackdown. This is Trophy Taker's top of the line drop away, with stainless steel launcher, twin bearings, full capture ring, and one-way rubber loading gate. 100% metal construction yet still sleek and compact as possible. This is the hunting rest that gets it done. Works with all arrow diameters and styles of fletching. A great choice.


Axcel Vision 5-pin
Axcel Vision 5-pinclear spacer block
The quality of Armortech sights continue to set the bar in this industry. This fantastic 5-Pin .019" sight is loaded with premium features and technologies: 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments, 100% fiber protection system, sight pin pivot locks (so pins cannot vibrate loose), individual micro-adjust on each pin, and a full 2" housing with coplanar aiming ring set at the same depth as the sight pins. Armortech's T.C.V. (True Center Vision) design provides a perfectly circular sight picture, even when viewed slightly off center. There simply isn't a better hunting sight out there.
Viper Venom 5-Pin XL w/Lens
Viper Venom 5-Pin XL w/Lensclear spacer block
Our team visited the Viper Archery factory to specifically commission some top-grade sights for 2016. This is an ALL AMERICAN MADE machined aluminum sight with superior quality and durability. This is Viper's top-of-the-line hunting sight with micro-drive adjustment. PLUS we've added the lens retainer, sunshade, and YOUR CHOICE OF 2X, 3X, 4X, or 6X Zeiss Scope Lenses. We think you're going to love the bright pins, the cool aiming ring, and the outstanding quality of this part.
Trophy Ridge React Pro 5-pin w/Light
Trophy Ridge React Pro 5-pin w/Lightclear spacer block
Trophy Ridge engineers did something remarkable with the React Pro. They developed a mechanical system which automatically adjusts the pin spacing to match the parabolic flight path of your arrows - no matter how fast your particular bow is. All you have to do is set your top pin for 20 yards (using the micro-click gang windage/elevation adjusters), then step back and set a second pin (we suggest the 50 or 60) with the pin gap knob. Once you have 2 pins sighted in accurately, the rest of your pins will automatically be set in perfect 10 yard increments.


easton helios carbon arrows made in USA
12-PK Easton Helios Pro Arrowsclear spacer block
The new Easton Helios Pro is one of the hottest new arrows on the market. Based on the incredible Helios, but even straighter at a laser perfect ±.001", the Helios Pro is made in the USA and features high-strength C2 carbon composite construction and weight tolerance: +/-2.0 grains per set. If you're looking for unmatched pinpoint hunting precision, this arrow shaft will smoke them all.
carbon express maxima red
12-PK Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrowsclear spacer block
The new Maxima RED is a breakthrough in controlling Dynamic Spine. The new, hi-tech carbon design has stiffer ends to contain the arrow’s flex to what we call the RED ZONE. The RED ZONE™ is the section of the arrow shaft engineered to contain Dynamic Spine and make a broadhead shoot more consistently. Tips included.


3-PK Rage Kore 100 Grain
3-PK Rage Kore 100 Grainclear spacer block
The same broadhead you have come to love with a brand new look. The new Rage Kore looks to be one of the most devastating broadheads ever created. Featuring stainless steel construction, to ensure durability, with a 1.75 inch cutting diameter to offer maximum devastation. Available in 100 grain 3-pk which includes a free practice head. Look for this head to be a big hit.
3-PK Rage Xtreme 100 Grain
3-PK Rage Xtreme 100 Grainclear spacer block
Rage Outdoors introduced the most lethal broadhead to ever hit the market: The Rage X-Treme. With a 2.3-inch cutting diameter, the sweeping blade angle on the new X-Treme maintains kinetic energy longer and penetrates deeper than any other blade, and produces larger entry and exit wounds for even better blood trails.
6-PK Muzzy MX-3s
6-PK Muzzy MX-3sclear spacer block
One of the best-reviewed broadheads on the market today. Hardened steel TroCar Tip 1-1/4 cutting diameter Blades interlock in aluminum ferrule for additional stability Vented .025 stainless steel blades. Trocar tips bust their way in, and 3 razor sharp blades do the rest. A brutal and effective hunting head. 100 and 125 grain weights available.


TruFire Hardcore BBF Max
TruFire Hardcore BBF Maxclear spacer block
This is one of the most ultra-high quality releases we've ever seen ... and it's a spot-on match for a Black Ops package. Features trigger pressure adjustable from 3 to over 16 ounces, a super-plush black buckle strap, over 1” of length adjustment, and fully adjustable trigger travel and swept back trigger. Guaranteed not to slip off loops. You won't believe how much control you'll gain when you use a top-notch release.
Scott Mongoose XT Camo
Scott Mongoose XT Camoclear spacer block
Self-closing spring loaded jaw for guaranteed string loop engagement. Increased range of trigger adjustability. Knurled trigger-forward design for a tight feel at full draw. The Mongoose XT offers 5 hole spiral length adjustments too. The Mongoose XT is one of the best quality single caliper releases money can buy. Comes with camo buckle strap and anodized camo head. Top notch!
Scott Little Goose
Scott Little Gooseclear spacer block
Visit any 3D range, and you'll see the Scott Little Goose is the gold standard of hunting releases. Few releases can match the single-jaw precision and smooth trigger pull of the Little Goose. Features adjustable length, forward trigger, and a handsome black leather buckle strap for a repeatable routine. Once you own a Little Goose, you'll never go back to anything else.


basic hardshell bow cases by Flambeau and Plano
Basic Hardshell Bow Case (+$20)clear spacer block
Basic hardshell bowcases are clam style, pillar structure, with foam-lined bottoms, bow straps, arrow holders, 4 snap-latches, and locking rings. These workhorse cases are tough and they get the job done. You can upgrade your bow package to include this grade of hard-shell case for only $20. No additional shipping charges or handling fees are necessary (in the contiguous US). Simply select "Standard Hard-Shell Bow Case" in the shopping cart and we will apply the upgrade to your order. Case model will vary to fit the bow.
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plano premium parallel limb bow case model 1144
Plano Premium #1144 Bow Case (+$50)clear spacer block
The Plano #1144 is a large robust bow case (41"x17"x7") with the perfect compliment of premium features. This case adapts to fit virtually any style or size bow. On the #1144, the structural pillars can be mounted anywhere on the grid. That means the case configures to match the bow - not the other way around. So no matter what shape the bow - the Plano #1144 fits. The case is also water resistant and features a stronger draw latch system. A $90 standalone bow case, but only $50 as an upgrade with your new RTH bow.
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skb hunter premium hard bow case
SKB Hunter Bow Case (+$99)clear spacer block
The SKB Hunter Series Bow Case features a rigid shaped ABS shell with stylish embossing that actually adds structural support to the lid with an eight point interlocking stacking system. SKB's "Perfect-Match" valance bending system provides a tight and secure fit to prevent dirt, dust and moisture from the interior of the case with lockable draw-bolt metal latches and a comfortable carrying handle and weighs eleven pounds. Features plush lined EPS inserts for maximum impact resistance and new state of the art water-jet cut polyethylene foam arrow system that will accommodate up to a dozen arrows. Includes a 5 year warranty.
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Flex 5 Break-Up Country
Flex 5 Break-Up Countryclear spacer block
The Flex 5 quiver is a lightweight and attractive quiver that features dual arrow grippers, an easy release bracket, and a zero contact hood. Works with expandable or fixed blade broadheads. Quiver also features a handy hanger on the hood, so once in your treestand you can remove the quiver and hang it on a nail or limb. Comes in matching Break-Up Country camo.
Vibracheck Vitron in Break-Up Country
Vibracheck Vitron in Break-Up Countryclear spacer block
Incredible vibration dampening along with customizable balance. The Vitron lets you add or remove weight as you see fit - to achieve the perfect balance on your new bow. Chambered Navcom rubber soaks up noise and vibration like a sponge too. The Vitron is hard to beat. Comes in matching Break-Up Country camo.
available peep sights with a rth bow package
Popular Styles and Sizesclear spacer block
When you order your bow package, please select the style and size of peep sight you prefer. You may choose from the popular TRIO-style peep sight (medium/large), the FLETCHER-style peep sight (small/medium/large), or a TUBE-style peep (medium/large). Standard install height is 13 cm above the nocking point, but you may choose a HIGH (15 cm) or LOW (11 cm) alignment to accommodate special conditions.
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Black & Beige Custom Wrist Sling
Black & Beige Custom Wrist Slingclear spacer block
This beautiful matching sling is made from 4-element high strength para cord and is hand-built just for this bow package. Soft feel with just the right elasticity and a flexible grommet mount. Fully adjustable for any size hand or to accommodate bulky clothing. Another nice way to customize your bow package.
practice tips for your arrows
Saunders Steel Combo Pointsclear spacer block
Perfectly matched to the diameter of your arrows, 6 steel screw-in practice points are included and already installed on the arrows with your bow system. Precision machined and weight accurate to +/- 1 grain. Removes quickly for broadhead installation. Style may vary.


compound bow adjustments and assemblySETUP: Every bow package is hand-assembled at our Pro-Shop by a qualified archery professional. No details are overlooked. The peep sight is served in place, the nock or loop set is installed, the draw length and weight is set to your specifications, all hardware is carefully installed and properly adjusted, and your arrows are custom built to suit your particular bow and settings. The string gets waxed, axles lubricated, and the bow is given a thorough inspection - top to bottom - for any flaws in manufacturing. If the bow and related gear aren't up to standards, they don't leave our shop!
bullet hole paper tuning resultsPAPER TESTING/TUNING: We actually test-shoot each bow. Every bow is paper tested by our staff shooters, to ensure that your arrows will fly like a laser beam when launched from your new bow. Adjustments are made as necessary until each arrow tears a clean "bullet-hole", indicating perfectly level and straight arrow flight for the best possible accuracy. We resolve any and all fletching clearance problems and align each arrow nock for a clean zero-contact launch. Be advised that paper-tuning results are only repeatable if you shoot with proper form (no torquing, trigger-jerking, improper grip pressures, etc.).
tight group of arrows in targetRANGE TESTING: Each bow is tested at distance to ensure that arrows will group tightly. 3-Arrow groups are shot at 15, 25, & 35 yards and measured by our staff shooters. We use the 25/2 rule. If our staff shooters aren't grouping 3 arrows into a 2" circle at 25 yards with your new bowhunting package, then we retune until the 25/2 rule is met. While variances in individual shooting form makes exact pre-sighting impossible, we test shoot each bow and rough-set your top sight pin for a 20 yard shot. This gets your sight-pins in the "ball-park" so you won't have to start from scratch - possibly sending an arrow into an unforgiving neighbor's yard.
getting started with your new compound bow bookletGETTING STARTED: When you receive your new bow system, you will just need to make fine adjustments to the top pin, then finish-up by setting the remaining pins for the distances you prefer. And if you're new to the sport, or not so handy with tools and gadgetry ... don't worry. You'll also receive a copy of our booklet Getting Started with Your Compound Bow which offers detailed instructions on the sighting-in procedure as well as helpful maintenance and safety tips. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS BOOKLET THOROUGHLY BEFORE YOU BEGIN SHOOTING.
easton arrow speed chronographCHRONOGRAPH TESTING: We chronograph each bow to ensure that the actual arrow velocity is within the expected range. You will receive a System Statistics report with your new Ready-to-Hunt™ Bow Package. This report will precisely detail the exact velocity of your arrows, grain weight and length of the arrows, recommended tip weights, the exact bow settings, and dozens of other specs related to your bow system. Keep this sheet for your reference. If you ever need additional arrows or want to make changes and adjustments on your bow, you'll have the original data for reference.
Fedex ground delivery truckPACKAGING AND SHIPPING: Each fully assembled bowhunting package is delivered - packed tightly in the bow case of your choice. Loose parts, like the release and broadheads, are all safely tucked inside too. Once full, the bow case is boxed and sealed for safe transport. Your bow system is then shipped, via FedEx Ground, to your home or business. A tracking number will be provided to you, so you'll know when to expect delivery. All packages are fully insured and require a signature at the point of delivery.
how to order
Bowtech Prodigy small sales banner
If you would like to talk things over with one of our experts first, please don't hesitate to call us toll-free at 877-410-7811 (M-F: 8 AM - 7 PM ET). Archery is our favorite subject. We will be happy to help you make the best choices and go through your options one by one. We have a zero-pressure sales policy - no one will press you to make a purchase or hound you afterwards - we promise.

If you would like to do a little research before calling - or if you're new to the sport - please read our Help with the Details Section on how to select the proper draw weight, draw length, arrow options, etc. That way you won't be blindsided with technical questions. The guide details all the questions you'll be asked during the order process. Ordering one of our Ready-to-Hunt™ Compound Bow Packages takes about 10 minutes on the phone.

If you're ordering a bow with non-standard options, special sizes, or if you would like to build your own package, please order by phone. You may also inquire about custom orders at our general inbox cservice inbox. International customers, please see instructions for placing orders from outside the U.S. and Canada.

- OR -




Can I make changes, upgrades, additions, or subtractions to this package? You sure can. If you would like to "customize" your Ready-to-Hunt™ package - perhaps make a few "tweaks" or changes to an existing package offer, please just call our sales desk at 877-410-7811 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you make any changes you like. If you prefer, we can also assemble a completely new package using parts you specify. Please contact our sales desk with your "wish list" and we will be happy to give you a custom quote.
When will my bow package arrive? To most locations in the continental United States, the safe answer is 4 to 10 business days (but we're often faster than that). Please note that business days are not calendar days. We put a considerable amount of care and labor into every Ready-to-Hunt™ bow package, as we want to make sure we get it right the FIRST time. So if you're not willing to wait a few days for work to be properly performed, we ask that you not order a Ready-to-Hunt™ Bow Package. We don't do rushed-quality workmanship.
Do I still get my factory warranty? Of course you do! The days of vilifying e-commerce stores are over. Hunter's Friend is an authorized dealership for every brand of bow we sell. All purchases from our store (locally or via mail-order sales) are 100% covered by the factory warranty. Hunter's Friend is also an authorized warranty service center for every brand of bow we sell. If you EVER have a problem with your bow, don't panic ... CALL US FIRST! Over 90% of common problems can be resolved over the phone with little drama.