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Ordering Guide for Remote Location Bowtech Customers


bowtech experience bow package

Bowtech brand compound bows are generally reserved for sale only in authorized local dealerships. Stores that conduct business on the internet or via mail-order sales typically do not carry Bowtech. OUR BOWTECH PARTNERSHIP

However, Hunter's Friend and Bowtech have a special partnership, forged more than a decade ago. Hunter's Friend is the sole administrator of the factory-authorized Bowtech in the Boonies program. Although there are over 1,000 Bowtech dealers worldwide, there are still some areas not being served locally. It is our job to serve those Bowtech customers who don't have reasonable access to a local dealership.


If you live a little off the beaten path where there are no Bowtech dealers, you may qualify for our Bowtech in the Boonies program. The rules are simple. If you already have a local shop within 30 miles (as the crow flies) of your home, we ask that you contact and support your local store. If no dealers exist in your area, we would be honored to serve as your Bowtech dealer.



Bowtech is what is known as a "protected" bow line. Like several of today's hottest bow brands, Bowtech bows are sold exclusively by a network of reputable local archery pro-shops who maintain specialized equipment and personnel. This ensures the best possible level of customer service with Bowtech brand bows and helps to make certain that Bowtech bows are properly setup, tuned, and performing-well in field. That's something that's hard to accomplish if your products are being boxed-up and shipped by big mail-order houses, catalog stores, or e-merchants that don't specialize in archery equipment.


Each authorized local Bowtech dealer is assigned a given geographical territory to serve, usually within a 10-20 mile radius of their store (as the crow flies). To avoid oversaturating any particular area, territories are spaced apart geographically - much like the same brand of car dealerships might be spaced apart. But in order to maintain the integrity of the dealerships' territories, dealers aren't allowed to ship or sell their bows via mail order - so as not to cross enemy lines. An "in-shop only" sales format must be followed. So in most cases, customers must physically walk-into a authorized Bowtech dealership to purchase a new Bowtech Bow - just as you would with Mathews, Hoyt, Elite, and other protected pro-shop bow lines.


bowtech dealer territory map

With that said, the United States is a BIG place, and Bowtech realizes that everyone isn't within reasonable driving distance of an authorized Bowtech dealership. And since Bowtech doesn't want anyone to be denied the opportunity to shoot the world's best-performing compound bows, Hunter's Friend has been authorized to help "fill the gaps" and to offer our services to Bowtech customers in areas where local dealerships do not yet exist. We have been proudly serving this role for well over a decade - and it's a job we take very seriously.


The longevity of this program has always hinged on integrity. As you might imagine, other dealerships aren't fond of the Bowtech in the Boonies program. We have defended MANY erronenous claims over the years from dealers claiming we have violated their sales territories. Fortunately, we keep meticulous sales records on our Bowtech in the Boonies shipments and we run the program absolutely by the book. If the locator says 29.9 miles or less, we decline and refer. If the locator says 30.0 miles or more, we can sell. But there are a thousand Bowtech Dealers out there - and only one of us. So for every Bowtech sale we make, we refer ten customers away to other dealerships. Of course, we would love to get those sales, but we would much rather maintain the integrity of our program. As such, zip codes either qualify - or they don't. There is no gray area. Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I order the bow from Hunter's Friend and then pick it up at my local dealer?

A: No, no, no! This is not like an FFL transfer where the local dealer accepts a small fee to process the paperwork. That's how it works for guns ... not bows. If you do not qualify for the Bowtech in the Boonies program, then Hunter's Friend cannot serve as your Bowtech Dealer. We are obligated to refer you to your local store(s) and recuse ourselves from the process. We will be happy to advise you on equipment choices, and even help you contact your local dealer(s). But if you already have an authorized Bowtech Dealer in your area, we must step aside. That's the rule.

Q: Will My Local Dealer Match Hunter's Friend Prices?

A: If they choose to, yes. All Bowtech Dealerships are independently owned and operated. We're not cooperative franchises or outlet stores. In fact, we're all competitors. So a local Bowtech Dealer is under no obligation to match any deal offered at Hunter's Friend, and the local dealer may or may not offer the exact same parts and services that we do. Then again, a local dealer may match or even beat our prices - you never know until you give them a fair chance. If you already have a local Bowtech Dealer, go see them. You might be pleasantly surprised at what they have to offer.

Q: I Don't Want to Buy Locally. How Do I Get Around the Rules?

A: You don't. And perhaps it helps to think of it this way. If you do not qualify for the Bowtech in the Boonies program, that does not mean that you MUST buy from any particular store. All that means is that we can't ship Bowtech products into your area because the area is already being served. The restriction is really on us - not you. You can buy a Bowtech bow from ANY Bowtech Dealer in the country, as long as you walk in the front door. So if you're within driving distance of our shop in Kentucky, you are welcome to pick-up your new Bowtech bow in person. We'll have it ready for you when you get here!