Carbon Express Maxima Hunter,  Finished Arrows

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter, Finished Arrows

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  • Finished Arrows:Hand Fletched to Order, Trimmed, Inserted, Tipped and Ready to Shoot

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DUAL SPINE: This is one of the best hunting shafts we offer. The Maxima Hunter is the fastest, most accurate camouflage arrow in the Carbon Express line. It combines this heritage with the added benefits that result from Dual Spine Weight Forward technology. The precision design delivers tighter tolerances than traditional carbon arrows. Patented fusion of two different carbon materials that create 2 spines in 1 arrow to manage energy better and make arrows recover faster, spin 20% sooner, retain more speed and deliver unparalleled accuracy. What more could a hunter ask for?

MATCHED SET: All Maxima Hunter 6 and 12-pack sets are sorted and matched by weight and spine for best-in-class consistency. Spine selection sorting tolerance is +/- 0.0025". Weight sorting tolerance is +/- 1.0 grains. Real Straightness – every Maxima Hunter arrow is laser checked for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch. Maxima Hunter straightness of +/- 0.0025" is a maximum measurement, not an average. Carbon Express's LAUNCHPAD Precision Nocks come standard on all Maxima Hunter arrows and shafts to deliver a controlled arrow release, better shaft alignment and more consistent accuracy shot after shot. Maxima Hunter arrows also come with Carbon Express's proprietary BullDog Nock Collar to protect the shaft against nock end impacts.

carbon express maxima sales banner

maxima hunter arrows

maxima hunter arrows

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