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SHOOT NOW, PAY LATER: Hunter's Friend has partnered with GE Capital to make buying a great bow more affordable than ever. Apply for your Hunter's Friend Money Sport account today and get the gear you REALLY want for this bow season. It's a great way to save, and you can use your Hunter's Friend card whenever you like for all your purchases at Hunter's Friend. It's free to apply and no purchase is required to get your card. So even if you're still shopping around and weighing your options, you can get your GE Capital account setup in advance, so it will be ready when you are.

* Promotions only available on select items/packages.
* Subject to credit approval from GE Money Bank.

go for it.
Embrace the challenge that drives you ...
      tiny little arrow No Annual Fee
      tiny little arrow Only $199 Minimum Purchase
      tiny little arrow Low Minimum Monthly Payments
      tiny little arrow Online Account Management
      tiny little arrow Easy Online Application

three decorative lines APPLY ONLINE NOW
HOW IT WORKS: Using the Shoot Now Pay Later program is quick and easy. Just click the link above and fill out the online application. Once you are approved, GE Money will immediately assign you a sixteen-digit account number, and your account is instantly ready to use. Simply call us at 877-410-7811 and place your order by phone, then pay for the order using your new GE Money account number. It's just that simple.

PRIVACY AND SECURITY: We take your privacy and security seriously. When applying for your new GE Money card, you share your financial information ONLY with GE Capital Bank. Your financial information is NEVER transmitted back to the store for any purpose. When we process an order on your new GE Money card, we will only ask for your name, contact info, and card information ... just as we would with any other credit card transaction. And even then, Hunter’s Friend absolutely WILL NOT sell, rent, disclose, or otherwise share any of that information with a third party. All information we collect is used ONLY for the puposes of fulfilling your order. We're in the business of selling archery equipment - not information. You have our word on that.

DEFERRED INTEREST PROMOTIONS SAVE MONEY: Providing you make your monthly payments on time, and pay-off your purchases within the promotional period, the GE Money Sport Card can save you a little money compared to using a typical credit card with an average interest rate of 14.75%. If you pay-off your balance within the promotional period, you owe no interest or additional finance charges. You get to use GE's money, effectively, for free. That's a great deal.

BE RESPONSIBLE. THE'RE COUNTING ON YOU TO SCREW IT UP: Of course, GE Money wouldn't stay in business very long if they just loaned-out interest-free money. So here's the catch ... they're counting on YOU to screw it up. In fact, they're betting on it. And to be fair, all banks make this bet in one form or another. When you make a mistake, they profit. So be advised, if you are late with payments, or skip payments, you can expect hefty late fees and the probable termination of your promotional interest rate. Delinquent accounts may even get a whopper 29.99% finance charge assessed all the way back to the original purchase date. Yikes! Fifty years ago, they would have called this loan-sharking, but today it's called Short-Term Unsecured Credit ... and using it comes with risks.

BE WISE AND BEAT THE BANK: Of course, GE Money probably won't send anyone out to break your kneecaps, but poor handling of your account will certainly come with financial consequences. So we suggest you consider this decision carefully. If you're the kind of consumer who handles accounts carefully and meticulously, GE Money Sport may be right up your alley. Go for it! But if you're not the tidy type - if your idea of balancing a checkbook involves looking under the seats of your car and digging through the clothes hamper - we suggest you steer clear of promotional credit and try our nice safe layaway program instead.

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