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Every bow package we sell comes with a case. The basic included cases are "soft" style zippered cases (usually in your choice of color). They do a fine job of protecting your bow, both at home and during the normal treks to and from your hunting spots. But it's a tough road out there ...

soft bow cases

If your bowhunting gear spends a lot of time on the road, you may need the additional protection of a hard-shell case. Unfortunately, these cases are becoming more and more expensive each season - and their size/bulk makes them costly to ship. So we have been working behind the scenes to control those costs with bulk purchasing, additional warehousing and a special FedEx program optimized for shipping oversize items. This means that we're now able to offer several quality hard shell bow cases AT ABOUT HALF their typical retail price (when purchased with a Ready-to-Hunt™ Compound Bow Package). If you're thinking about upgrading to a hard case, here are the specifics.

Standard Hard Cases
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There are only a few affordable hard-shell cases remaining on the market today. Fortunately, we have been able to make special deals with both the Plano Molding Co. in Plano, IL and Flambeau Outdoors in Middlefield, OH to buy their cases - quite literally - by the truckload. These two cases are the long-running favorites, the Plano Protector #1110 and the Flambeau Safeshot #6461SC. They are generally equivalent cases (clam style, pillar structure, foam-lined bottoms, bow straps, arrow holders, 4 snap-latches, locking rings, airline approved, etc.) and they each sell for around $50. These workhorse cases are tough and they get the job done. You can upgrade your bow package to include this grade of hard-shell case for only $20. That's it. No additional shipping charges or handling fees are necessary (in the contiguous US). Simply select "Standard Hard-Shell Bow Case" in the shopping cart and we will apply the upgrade to your order.

standard hardshell bow cases for your compound bow package upgrade

Premium #1144 Hard Case
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Many of our customers request premium quality travel cases, but frankly they tend to be a fitment and shipping nightmare. Aside from their high unit costs, premium bow cases tend to be exceptionally heavy and bulky - so they're prohibitively expensive to inbound ship to the store and outbound ship to customers. Premium cases also tend to be bow-style specific, fitting only one particular size or shape of bow. That would mean stocking many different premium cases and trying to match them up on a case-by-bow basis. We needed a better solution. So we started searching for a "nicer" bow case that wouldn't be a logistical headache to manage and ship ... and we found it. The new Plano Parallel Limb #1144 Bow Case was exactly what we needed. We think you're going to love it too.
premium plano 1144 hardshell bow casePREMIUM FEATURES (1): The Plano #1144 is a large robust bow case (41"x17"x7") with the perfect compliment of premium features. First, this case adapts to fit virtually any style or size bow. Do you see the grid system in the case lid? Find the two small yellow posts attached to the grid. Those are the bow case pillars (the center structural supports for the case). In other bow cases, the pillars are fixed into the mold. So you have to fit the bow to the case. Not so with the Plano #1144. On the #1144, those structural pillars can be mounted anywhere on the grid (the bottom of the case has the same grid system). That means the case configures to match the bow - not the other way around. Brilliant! So no matter what shape the bow - the Plano #1144 fits.

PREMIUM FEATURES (2): The Plano #1144 is also water-resistant thanks to a soft rubber gasket system that's installed in a channel around the lid perimeter. When you close the lid, you must compress the gasket to make the seal. Fortunately, the four clasps on the Plano #1144 are not just snaps ... they're actual draw latches which compress the gasket into the opposite side of the case. It takes a little effort to close the case, but once the latches are secured, your bow is safe from dirt, dust, critters, even moisture. Of course, we're not suggesting you can submerge your bow case in the lake, but this system is far superior to most cases we have evaluated.

AT $50, IT'S A STEAL: The Plano #1144 sells for about $90 in most places. A few discounters go as low as $80, but then they charge a hefty shipping fee to make up the difference. As we said, these cases aren't cheap - and they certainly aren't cheap to ship. Nevertheless, we've managed to wrangle costs down for this season. So if you purchase one of our Ready-to-Hunt™ bow packages, you can upgrade to this fantastic case for just $50 more. We will configure the case to match your particular bow, and seal your new rig right inside for safe transport. Now THAT'S a great deal. No additional shipping charges or handling fees are necessary (in the contiguous US). Simply select "Plano Parallel Limb 1144 Case" in the shopping cart and we will apply the upgrade to your order. Special pricing available only with the purchase of a Ready-to-Hunt™ Compound Bow Package.

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