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blue help buttonPeep Sights for Your Compound Bow Package

If you're new to modern archery, think of a peep sight as the rear sight on a gun. Mechanically they serve a similar purpose. The peep sight is a small doughnut-shaped ring that's installed in the bow's string - and you look through the hole in its center.

To aim the bow, you simply look through the peep sight hole, then locate your front sight (pins) in your field of view and place the pin on the intended target. Our bow systems come with a peep-sight already installed, but of course, you have some choices (most popular choice is the 1/8" Medium Trio Peep set for 13 cm).

While the peep sight might be one of the smallest accessories on the bow, it comes into play with every single shot. And a troublesome peep sight can ruin an otherwise glorious bowhunt. You must pick your peep sight type, aperture, and installed height. But not to worry - we'll get through this together. Here are the basics:

styles of bow and arrow peep sights(TYPE) FLETCHER, TRIO, OR TUBE

We use the three most popular peep styles on our RTH bow packages. Choose from the Fletcher-style aluminum peep (two-way string split), the Trio-style peep (three-way string split), and the old standard Rubber-Tube peep (two way split, aligned by stretchy tube).

(A) The Fletcher-style small aluminum peeps work beautifully, but you must train your string to keep them in proper alignment at full draw (a string-loop also helps). Experienced archers generally prefer Fletcher-style peeps, but they sometimes drive new shooters bananas - because they turn with the string. (B) If tinkering with peep alignment sounds like something that might challenge your patience, we suggest you try the Trio String Peep. The Trio splits the string fibers into thirds, rather than halves. So even if your string rotates slightly, chances are you'll still have a clear field of view. Very good - but not quite infallible - even Trio Peeps can turn out of optimal position from time to time and require a little tweaking. (C) Finally, the option with the best reliability is the old standard Tube Peep - and we will gladly install one if you request. They align every time. Just be advised, the snapping sound of that rubber tube is tough to mute - and the tube costs you a little at the chronograph too. A, B, or C? The choice of peep sight type up to you. Of course, if you would like to talk it over, call our help desk at 877-410-7811 and we'll help you go through the pros and cons.

Gimmick Peeps! Apart from these standard peeps, there are countless gimmick peeps out there: peeps shaped like hooks, peeps with lenses, peeps with blinky lights or crosshairs, peeps that mount on some other part of the bow, peeps with little hoods, peeps that receive HBO, etc. We don't sell them; they cause far more trouble than they're worth. Moving on ...

sizes of bow and arrow peep sights(APERTURE) SIZE OF THE HOLE

With most of our peep sights, you have the choice of a small - medium - or large size aperture (an x-large is available too upon request). The basic trade-off goes like this. Larger sizes are easier to see through, particularly in low-light hunting conditions. But smaller sizes are more pin-point accurate. Customer choice varies here, but the medium aperture is the popular choice.


fletcher-style smallfletcher peep small size

fletcher-style mediumfletcher peep sight medium size

fletcher-style largefletcher peep large size

trio-style smalltrio peep small size

trio-style mediumtrio peep medium size

trio-style largetrio peep large size

tube-style mediumtube peep medium size

tube-style largetube peep large size


Standard peep sight height is 13 cm above the nocking point on the bowstring. This suits the majority of shooters just fine. However, you may elect to choose a HIGH PEEP (15 cm) to accommodate exceptionally long draw lengths or low anchor points - or - you may choose a LOW PEEP (11 cm) to accommodate exceptionally short draw lengths or high anchor points (less common). If this is your first bow or if you're not sure, we suggest you just stick with the standard 13 cm peep height.

We serve all peep sights in place using a short-serve technique. This locks the peep sight in place so that it will not move under normal shooting conditions - while still allowing for some minor height adjustments without the need to re-serve the peep sight.

Again, you can make changes to your peep height later if you wish. A red booklet entitled Getting Started with your New Compound Bow will be provided with your bow system, simple instructions for adjusting your peep sight are included in the booklet.