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ready to hunt package logoFIELD-READY COMPOUND BOW PACKAGES

Our Ready-to-Hunt™ packages are the best deals in the industry. They're nothing like the simple "outfitter" bows commonly sold at the big-box stores. Our bow packages are pro-shop prepared field-ready bowhunting systems that come with the entire works: sight, rest, quiver, stabilizer, wrist sling, peep sight, string loop, custom-built arrows, broadheads, mechanical release, bow case ... even practice tips. PLUS our pro-shop will completely assemble, adjust, paper-tune, pre-sight, group test, chronograph and prepare your new bow to your exact specifications. When your new bow arrives, all you'll have to do is shoot ...


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obsession phoenix compound bow and arrow
ready to hunt logo badge smallObsession Phoenix

Obsession bows have been a phenomenon the last two seasons, and the ultra-smooth Phoenix gets some of the best reviews on the market. It's hard to find a truly quiet bow that shoots an honest 340+ fps on a forgiving 7 inch brace height, but the Phoenix gets it done. Take a closer look at this gorgeous top-tier bow.

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quest storm compound bow and arrow
ready to hunt logo badge smallQuest Storm

Pink bows were all the rage a few seasons ago, but Quest bucked the trend and presented this beautiful ladies bow decked out in Realtree AP Purple. It's been a store favorite since day one. What's not to love about a parallel limb high-tech bow that's engineered from the ground up for the gals. Purple is the new pink, ya'know? Check it out.

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bear cruzer compound bow and arrow
ready to hunt logo badge smallBear Cruzer

Bear REALLY hit a home run with the Cruzer. The Cruzer not only looks and shoots great, but it has a massive range of adjustability ... from 5-70# of draw weight and 12-30" of draw length - so it fits virtually anyone. Plus, the Cruzer is one of the least expensive bows in the line. You can't go wrong with the Cruzer. Learn more.

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obsession fusion 6 compound bow and arrow
ready to hunt logo badge smallObsession Fusion 6

Here's a 356 fps hot-rod that has gotten a lot of press this year. All the Obsession bows are hot, but the Fusion 6 Special Ops package hits the afterburner. Nothing out there shoots this fast AND this quiet. You simply won't believe how good this bow is. Offered in a super-fancy pro package with everything you can imagine. Go see for yourself.

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obsession knightmare gt compound bow and arrow
ready to hunt logo badge smallObsession Knightmare GT

The Knightmare GT is a wicked little treestand bow, just 28" long, but it's crazy fast and quiet as a church mouse. This compact dynamo has been a strong seller for ground blind hunters in particular. We decked this bow out in a really top notch package with the best of everything too. It doesn't get much better than the Knightmare GT. Check it out.

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bear arena 30 compound bow and arrow
ready to hunt logo badge smallBear Arena 30

The Arena turned out to be one of the most popular high-end bows in the store for 2016. Bear has really gotten their teeth into these high-performance bows, and the Arena 30 was simply unstoppable. We literally reordered this bow a half-dozen times throughout the season and customers love them. If you like Bear, you'll love the Arena. Learn more.

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pse surge compound bow and arrow
ready to hunt logo badge smallPSE Surge

The Surge is another hyper-adjustable bow that fits almost any shooter. This one bow has 30 pounds of draw weight adjustment and covers draw lengths from 19.5-30". The smooth drawing single cam makes it a dream to shoot too. Priced affordably and still pretty dang fast at 320 fps, no wonder it's a strong seller. Read more.

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obsession evolution compound bow and arrow
ready to hunt logo badge smallObsession Evolution

The Evolution practically caused a frenzy in the store last year. Customers were all but pushing and shoving to get at the Evolution - and who could blame them. Demand for this 353 fps bow was overwhelming. Fortunately, Obsession got production up to speed and now customers don't have to fight for them. See what caused all the fuss.

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PSE drive LT compound bow and arrow
ready to hunt logo badge smallPSE Drive LT

The Drive LT is the most affordable of PSE's "X-Force" series of high speed bows - and it's been a consistently strong seller. Blasting along at 336 fps, the Drive LT easily competes with some of the top bows on the market - but at about HALF THE PRICE. This was the smart-buy of the season and it's still a favorite. Check it out.

If you're an archery enthusiast, we would love an opportunity to earn your business. We only specialize in one thing - archery. We don't sell canoes or sleeping bags - just archery. Hunter's Friend is not a chain store or a warehouse order-center. We're an independent Archery Pro Shop. Like most Archery Pro Shops, our strength is craftsmanship and service. For the last 15 years, our crew has been building bows and fletching arrows starting at 6:30 every morning; it's what we do. We love the sport. We love the work. If you're looking for bowhunting gear for your next hunt, we hope you'll shop with us and look at our great selection of compound bows, traditional bows, custom arrows, and all types of archery accessories. If you've haven't tried our pro-shop before, we would love a chance to work for you. Learn more about us ...


We've worked hard to bridge the gap between the local and mail-order concepts. We don't sell bows like most archery suppliers. Less than 2% of the bows we sell are bare bows. The other 98% are Ready-to-Hunt bows which we first setup and service in our pro-shop. Ready-to-Hunt bows arrive fully assembled, accessorized, tuned, pre-sighted, and include matching arrows and much more - everything you'll need to start shooting right way.

Worried about fitment? Don't. We've built more than 30,000 compound bow rigs with our our unique setup and measurement methodology and we'll walk you through every easy step. After more than decade of providing our services abroad, we've largely dispelled the myth that you have to physically be in the store to ensure your archery equipment is fitted and setup properly. Today we are the busiest independent Archery Pro-Shop in the United States, and we're honored to be the #1 standalone dealership for many of the brands we represent. We look forward to showing you what we can do.


custom carbon arrows banner
You need arrows? We have thousands upon thousands of popular carbon arrows from Beman, Carbon Express, Easton, and Victory. Every arrow is painstakingly hand-built - we never sell machine fletch arrows. Plus we include professional shaft trimming and insert installation free of charge. So when your arrows arrive, they're the correct length AND they're 100% ready-to-shoot. Every arrow we sell also comes with practice tips (field points) installed. You choose the grain weight you prefer and we match the diameters to your shafts. So when you receive your arrows from Hunter's Friend, there's nothing else for you to buy or install. All you have to do is shoot! More

Traditional Longbows and Recurve Bows In Stock from Hunter's Friend

Sometimes you just feel the need to get back to where things started. We stock a large assortment of Traditional Recurve Bows and Longbows from top brands such as Martin Archery, PSE, and Fred Bear. If you need help with your traditional bow purchase, including setup, arrow choices, and accessories, our archery experts are only an e-mail or phone call away. More

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Genesis Youth
Red Fox
Red Fox
Full Season Velocity Jacket
Full Season Velocity Jacket
Killzone COC
Killzone COC
Storm 5 Pin
Storm 5 Pin
Gobbling Turkey
Gobbling Turkey
4" Brite Strip
4" Brite Strip
Beman ICS Hunter Pro
Beman ICS Hunter Pro
RTS from $119.99 per Dozen
Bow Color Kit - Green
Bow Color Kit - Green
Riflehunter 1000
Riflehunter 1000
Kodiak Cub
Kodiak Cub
2015 Black Friday Sale Preview
2015 Black Friday Sale Preview
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A Ready-to-Hunt™ Bow Package isn't just a "kit" or "outfitter" bow with some extra parts thrown in the box. A Ready-to-Hunt™ Bow is a COMPLETE FIELD-READY bowhunting system which has been professionally prepared, adjusted, tested, tuned, and pre-sighted in our pro-shop.
bow case with ready to hunt compound bow package
There are no additional parts to buy - nothing left to assemble at home. Our Ready-to-Hunt™ bow systems come READY AND LOADED with everything: bow, sight, rest, quiver, stabilizer, sling, case, custom arrows, broadheads, mechanical release, peep sight, nock set, string silencers, and more!
shooting a ready to hunt compound bow
Most importantly, when you open the case and unpack your Ready-to-Hunt™ bow, it is 100% ready to shoot - right then. Read your literature and safety instructions, then strap on the release, pick up the bow, nock an arrow, and let it rip.
getting started help book from Hunter's Friend
If you're new to the sport - don't worry. Our Getting Started Guide will walk you through the entire process, from basic grip and stance, to setting your long distance pins and developing repeatable shooting form. Take your time - enjoy the process - and you'll do just fine.

Yes!  Our pro-shop shop builds the bow system FOR YOU - TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS.  If you already know your sizes and preferences, great. But if you need some help sizing and choosing options, we'll walk you through the process step-by-step.

Every bow package includes easy to follow help sections, measurement guides, and technical advice. We won't leave you to wade through all that industry jargon alone. Of course, if you would rather talk it over with a live person, give our help desk a call at 877-410-7811 and we'll cover the bases the old-fashioned way. Either way, it's our job to make sure your new bow fits you properly so you're drilling the X on the very first day.

With our exclusive Ready-to-Hunt™ bow packages, you get a complete bowhunting system that is already configured and setup for optimal field performance. We begin with the bare-bow, adjusting your bow to the precise draw weight, draw length, and let-off settings you select. We then professionally install all of your accessories, string inclusions, and additional devices.
testing and tuning a compound bow package
Our shop is equipped with modern finger-style bow presses to handle today's parallel- (and beyond parallel) style bows. We also use all digital weight scales and Easton's Digital Bow Force Mapping System to ensure accurate chronograph readings.
finger-style bow press for modern parallel limb bows
Our technicians then build custom arrows for your particular bow, matching the arrow spine, weight, length, and FOC to the output characteristics to your bow. When our initial parts assembly process is complete, the bow is pre-cycled for string stretch, and then moved into our "shooting-tunnel" where we conduct our basic paper-tuning processes to examine base arrow flight and chronograph test the rig. But we don't stop there.
photo of our tuning room
With the bow now in relative tune, we then range-test (group-tune) every Ready-to-Hunt™ bow for accuracy and make adjustments as necessary until every arrow is flying laser-beam true. We test-shoot every Ready-to-Hunt™ bow, literally dozens of times, until we're satisfied that the bow is performing properly. This also gives us an opportunity to debug any noise problems, peep or string issues, fletching contact problems, etc.
shooting a tight group of arrows
Once the bow is grouping properly downrange, our staff shooters rough-set your top sight-pin (for a 15-20 yard shot). So your very first shot with your new Ready-to-Hunt bow is likely to be within a few inches of the bullseye. Of course, every shooter is different. So the fine pin-settings will be up to you (clear how-to instructions are in the booklet). But our process puts you comfortably "on the paper", so you don't have to start sighting-in from scratch.
wall of archery targets
When performance testing is complete, we weigh and spec the custom arrows, compute the actual tested KE output, and document the bow system's settings and final specifications. With every Ready-to-Hunt™ Bow Package, you will receive a copy of our Shop Order Assembly & Test Report - your bow's "technical report card" - which details the results of our setup and testing process.
bow assembly and testing report
When our setup process is complete, the technician submits the bow package to the QC inspector for check-off. Everything gets double checked, including fastener torques and critical clearances. If the bow clears inspection, it moves on to packing where the settings, specs, and accessory inclusions are checked one final time. Then the finished bow rig, arrows, and all loose components are loaded into your bow case to ensure safe transport to your door.

learn more ...

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