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The only bolt currently on the market bolt designed around the lightning fast PSE Tac-15. Fletched with 4 NAP Twister vanes in X-Wing pattern. Half Dozen

WARNING: Only PSE TAC-15 Arrows can be used with the TAC-15 Crossbow. Only PSE TAC-10 Arrows can be used with the TAC-10 Crossbow.Normal Crossbow arrows (bolts) do not have sufficient nock or shaft structure to withstand the extreme acceleration of this crossbow. If you attempt to use ANY other arrow in this crossbow THE ARROW WILL FAIL. Serious damage to the crossbow and the operator will result. Use of non-approved arrows will automatically void the manufacturer's warranty and forfeits all options of return or exchange at the place of purchase. If you use a non-approved projectile in this crossbow YOU assume 100% responsibility for all damages caused to persons and/or property. This warning is not a marketing ploy to sell branded mechandise. Please take this warning very seriously.

Tac-15 Bolts
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