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email letterHere are a few comments from letters and emails (unsolicited) we have received from our Ready-to-Hunt bow package customers during the recent months. The following reviews and comments are unedited, unless explicit language was included in the original text. Sometimes our customers are quite passionate about their new bows. To protect the privacy of our commenters, we have shortened the personally identifying information to just initials and hometown - providing that info was included in the submission. If a photo was also included with the review, we have posted that along side the review. We hope you enjoy reading...

Hi, I recently purchased a Pioneer XP, and just received it this morning. I musy say, Bravo man, this bow is awesome. Shoots perfect! Seriously, thanks to all of y'all. Couldn't ask for anything better. I'll definately be telling people about y'all. Keep up the great work! Believing in the bigger picture.

A.R., South Hill, VA

I really wish y’all had a comment area on the page so that everyone could see it. I want y’all to know that this was the best experience ever. I wanted a PSE Stiletto which y’all do not carry (but you should) and I wanted it to be tuned by pros. I could not find this combo anywhere, so I started to think of another option. But in talking with Jason he did the impossible he got a Stiletto for me. PSE told me they were 6 to 12 weeks behind but I needed one before July. Jason found one! I received the Bow yesterday set up exactly as I wanted it and OMG does it shoot awesome and fast. The only issue I had was in shipping FEDEX destroyed the packaging and broke three of my arrows. BUT once again Jason has come through and is replacing them for me. I will be definately be using y’all for all of my archery needs and telling all my friends about y’all at ASA competitions. We are hosting The ASA State Shoot for NC at my home range in July and you better believe y’all will be known by the end of the weekend. Thanks,


I just wanted to say thank you, and great job! is by far the best site I have come across for all things archery. I just recieved my first order for custom arrows, stabalizer and arrow rest and I will never shop anywhere else. Thank you again and keep up the Great work!

E.B., Marietta, GA

At 61 years old and having been a professional govt. hunter (rifle and shotgun) for the past 26 years I suddenly started being interested in archery. Knowing pretty much nothing about bows I found your website, which is great, bought the pioneer xp package and I'm thrilled. What a kick! Everything was set up for my measurements and I actually took it out of the box, read the instruction manual and shot it. I can't believe how accurate the thing is. You did everything your site said you would. The bow, arrows, release and sight are great and delivery was prompt. I will recommend your company every time I get the chance. Great Job! Give everyone there a raise. Thanks,

K.P., Nampa, ID

Just wanted to say thanks to HF for the great bow! I'm new to archery and my PSE Freak is "just what the doctor ordered". I'm actually hitting paper! Colorado Elk, watch out!

J.K., Colorado Springs, CO
customer photo 1
Just wanted to drop a quick note saying thanks for an awesome time. Yesterday I took my new bow package to the range for the 1st time. Attached is my 1st 5 shots. Keep in mind this is the 1st time I've shot a bow that is completely setup. I'm hooked. Thanks for a great product and standing behind it.

J.F.K, USN Retired
customer photo 2
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the Diamond Outlaw I purchased from your buisness last February 18th. , arrived at my house last Friday evening. I have been chomping at the bit to shoot it, and have been just too busy with my job and daily life. I finally got my chance to do that today. I must say the customer service and professionalism of you and all the staff at is second to none. I am in love with my new ready to hunt package and can't wait to smoke a few whitetails with it in the up comming season, and for many seasons after this one. The only issue I had, was I had to adjust my site pins a hair because it was shooting about 2 inches to the right. All in all, a pretty easy fix. I will recomend any and all of my friends and fellow bow hunters to your company, and plan to do most all of my archery buisness with you and your wonderfull staff. GREAT JOB HUNTERSFRIEND.COM

Thanks again,
E.S., Winfield , PA
To all of you at Hunter’s Friend, I recently received my Bowtech Assassin Ready to Hunt package and LOVE IT. Here on Mau there is not any kind of professional help for folks interested in bow hunting and so it is always a challenge getting equipment that is user friendly. I had been staying away from a new bow because I do not have the knowledge or patience to set it up properly. Having you do it for me seemed risky but worth the chance. I pulled that bow out of its box, very carefully read the red book which is not something I would normally do, then proceeded to shoot a 1 inch group, just to the right of the bull at 20 yards. What a deal. By the way, the red book was great, obviously written by someone who uses a bow. I have been telling all of my friends about this great experience and I am definitely a fan. Thanks again, businesses with great customer service are hard to find, you should be proud.

I just want to tell you guys thatI recieved my new Stinger 3g bow package last week and I couldnt be happier with the way your tech Brian hooked me up. I will always be a Huntersfriend customer from now on and I am absolutlty telling all my friends about your great business. Again thanks for the great bow and package you guys sold me, and I am looking foward to buying more products from you.

Thanks again,
G.R., Long Island, NY

Hi, just wanted to thank you for my new PSE Drive. It was everything you said it was and came delivered dead on. No need to tune or adjust anything! thank you.

I ordered a PSE Stinger RTH package over thanksgiving. The main reason was because I had been trying to shoot a recurve for years with no success, in fact I think I missed a barn at least once, and I wanted to see if a better bow could solve the problem. My third shot with the new bow was at 25 yds and was 3/4" off the center of the bullseye and later shots aren't much different. Some how you guys have built a bow that doesn't seem to be capable of missing a target. I am very impressed. My questions would be first I ordered the bow with a large aperture which is a bit bigger than I need, so is this something that can be easily swapped out at home and what is the cost of a new one/ordering procedure/etc if so. Second when this bow needs a new string how is that handled. I have every intention of wearing this string out ahead of schedule.

Mike just wanted to thank everyone there for making my bow purchase such a pleasure. Like most hunters I did a lot of research and price comparisons before placing my order. Not only did you have a terrific price on the bow I wanted but it arrived fully decked out and tuned which is worth a great deal in itself. I couldn’t wait to shoot it and went into my garage at 9 at night to try it out; right out of the box it only required a couple minor adjustments to my eye. My plan was to practice through the winter spring and summer and take my first buck with it this fall, well that plan worked out last Sunday. This was my first bow killed buck but it won’t be my last, thanks again for the quality products and great service.

customer photo 3
I looked on the website for an area to be able to write a review but couldn't find one. I recently purchased the PSE Stinger 3G package and am 110% Satisfied with my purchase. You guys are hands down the cheapest and most reliable I have found. I just wanted to say thank you for the experience all and all it was great. My order shipped within one day and was here in Texas within a week. The bow shoots as advertised and I couldn't be happier. So please on my behalf thank you and who ever else is involved in this process. You guys have a top notch company and should be proud. Thank you again.

I just received my RTH PSE bow. I have been a recurve shooter for more than 20 years, and just decided to switch to a modern bow due to constraints on my practice time. Your package arrived today and so I went home for lunch. I had never used a release aid or bow sight before today more than once or twice in my life, imagine my surprise when at 20 yards I was hitting a spot the size of a 50 cent piece, and easily keeping the arrows on my deer target in the kill area out to 50 yards, right from the first shots. I cannot believe that I feel confident in hunting with this bow tonight!

M.A.C., St. Louis, MO
Rick, a quick note of thanks for the ready to hunt PSE Stinger package you provided for me back in January. I have shot it all year long at my target, and yesterday was able to take my first buck with a bow in Fredericksburg, TX. Since receiving the package, I have not made a single adjustment to it. It has performed consistently and better than I ever could have imagined. I was amazed at how much damage the NAP Shockwave broadhead did at 25 yards. The deer ran less than 40 yards and was down. The blood trail was easy to follow. I could not be more pleased with the product and especially the service and set up. Thank you again. You guys definitely set it up right.

C.G., Port Neches, TX
I am totally pleased with my purchase. It arrived today and was everything I expected. It is dead on. This is my first bow. I borrowed one last year and can totally tell that this one is set up properly for me. I just wanted to take a minute to thank all the staff at Hunter's Friend. I would gladly recommend this site to anyone interested in a hassel free ready to hunt bow package.

To whom it may concern: I would like to extend an enormous appreciation for the service that Hunter’s Friend has given to me during my decision to purchase a packaged bow. The same day I received it I took it out to the Archery Range here in Fort Riley, KS and was able to hit bulls eye on a paper target with the first two shots. This will be my first season hunting with a bow if I catch one of the famous Kansas monsters I will definitely send you a photo.

M.C., Fort Riley, KS
Rode in on horse-back with my neighbor, and set up camp in the widerness (Tortilita Canyon) for several days. I missed up my first shot, but finally got this Elk. I was a little aprehensive about shooting such a big animal with a bow, but he went down within 50 yards of the hit dead as a door-nail, so I reckon it was a good shot. All in all, I saw eight big bulls come through our hunting area. The Biggest two were 6x6s, the smallest was a 3x3 and the rest were in between... 5x6s, 5x5s 4x5s. Three turkeys and a Bear came through the afternoon before. That was neat to watch. It was a great hunting experience and a lot of work, but my dogs love the meat. Wally (Small Yorkie) spent his time guarding the quarter sections hanging on the back porch and letting the pugs (Lola and Frank) know right up front that he was in charge of the meat!! See the attached picts.

customer photo 4
Daniel please share this with your staff in the shop: Hey guys I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with my bow and how fast you guys got it to me. After ordering my Diamond Outlaw last week I was under the impression it would be at least a month before I would see it, but I was pleased to hear a knocked at my door this afternoon from the FedEx man with my bow! You guys are awesome and I can assure you, you will receive my bow business in the future.

Thanks again,
Just wanted to thank you guys for the PSE Stinger 3G you built for me this past February. It worked flawlessly when I took this young 6 point last weekend. It was my first season hunting ever and a complete success thanks to all of you there.

Thanks again,
customer photo 6
Mike, Just wanted to let you know what a great service experience I’ve had with your company. I ordered the PSE Brute X package last week. The setup is fantastic, and I love the report that you guys include regarding the papertest, chrono test, etc. The bow was shipped and delivered MUCH sooner than I expected and shoots AMAZINGLY well. I’ve never come close to grouping shots at 50 yds, but I am now! Awesome buying experience. Glad I ran across your website!

R.D., Centerville, OH

Hi, I received my PSE Stinger 3G from Hunter's Friend a few weeks ago and finally got to shoot it today. I attached a picture of my first 3 shots at 20 yards (I was shooting at a huge bag target so I started at that distance). I can't tell you how amazed I was shooting this bow. It shot exactly as was discribed in the video on your site. I'm a lefty and only have a 27" draw length so I don't know if you have a lefty shooter or you guys are that good! This package was worth every penny and I couldn't be happier! Please let everyone know that worked on setting up this complete bow package for me Thanks, and I appreciate their great effort!

Regards, J.B.D.
customer photo 7
Thank you! I know e-commerce well....your site is well structured and informative, your customer service is awesome, the people are friendly and I must say I wish more companies where like this. I greatly appreciate the service and LOVE my new Bear Anarchy Bow. Perfectly setup when it arrived and am very pleased. Great job...

R.D.P., San Francisco, CA

I really enjoy my diamond outlaw I purchased from your company! You guys do a hell of a job! Sent from my iPad.


Today I received my Bow that I ordered from you guys (PSE Brute X Bow pack) and I want to say, you guys are amazing. I can definitely tell you guys are the real deal. My bow was setup by Rick, and he did a Fantastic Job.. You guys have just got a lifetime customer. You completed and shipped my order faster than expected, and the wealth of knowledge accompanying my bow was refreshing. I’ve ordered a new Bow for my wife from you guys and I know you will not let me down. Thanks, and Keep up the Good work!!

J.C., Fishkill NY
hi mike my name is L.L. im from canada just received my new pse ready hunt package and just wanted to say guys are top notch everything is amazing ill be telling all the hunters I know if they need a new bow to call you guys !!! and again thank you very much it nice to order something and have it come above expectations.

Hi Mike, Just a quick note to express my extreme satisfaction with your organization. As a new archery addict, being faced with buying the equipment "right for me" was a daunting task. I spent weeks on the internet researching gear. Thankfully I found your website. It had ALL the information I needed to make an educated decision, laid out in a well read and well organized manner. Your competition paled in comparison. You also seem to have the best cost to quality ratio, and your customer service is second to none. My bow arrived ready to shoot without even so much as a finger print on it. I'm a novice & shot a bulls eye on my first shot! Thank you - to each and every one of you at Hunter's Friend. Your service and quality is truly appreciated.

Good Morning Mike, I wanted to reach out to you and express my appreciation for the great support and service Joe Castle provides to his clients. In 2009, several buddies and I purchased seven bows through HF. We've had some great times and incredible success with hunts and shooting. When things broke, arrows launched into no man's land and recommendations sought, Joe was our man. Since that time frame, we've upgraded and did our fair share of restocking arrows, fletching and what have you. It's been a fun ride. As luck would have it, I recently lost my trusty Diamond Stud in Nairobi, Kenya and sought the Invasion for replacement. I didn't bother researching any store or calling around for a best fit; I called Joe. I find it comforting to talk to a fellow archer that knows his bows and treats me like a valued customer. He always gives me good insight and I trust his knowledge and instinct. I wouldn't recommend my friends to any other salesman or outfit. I purchased that 80lb Invasion with plans to go after a Cape Buffalo in the coming year. I'm sure I will continue to seek Joe's knowledge, recommendations and service in the coming years. I wanted to extend my appreciation to you for Joe's service, support and expertise.

Kind Regards,
Mike, My name is J.W., and I ordered a bow from on Sunday. I would just like to say Thank You to you and your staff for the great service. The website is awesome, it gave me more then enough information to make a educated decision on a bow purchase on-line with out any question if it was the right decision or not. Matt gave me a call today to let me know that there was a delay with the bow case that I had ordered and would push the ship date a couple days and offered the soft case to expedite the shipping issue. His voice mail that he left was very clear and to the point. When I called back tonight I talked with the other Matt and he was very good as well, it is great to know that I made a purchase from a company that cares about its customers and takes the time to go the extra mile to make their customer happy. Although I have not receive my bow yet I know there will be no disappointment and I am eagerly awaiting its delivery. My hat is off to Huntersfriend and its staff you guys are doing a great job, and please pass this on to everyone. GREAT JOB!!!

Thank you,
I got My PSE Revenge RTH sooner than exspected and I just wanted to say thanks to someone. I have been shooting a 10 year old mathews and its like going from Ford Ranger rwd to F-150 Platnim. It is everything your company said it would be and more. It was spot on out of the box. The bow is a vulgar slang term for breast tissue. Thank You For a Dream Come True.

Ofc. M.V.
Just wanted to drop you all a note to tell you how easy it was ordering from you. I ordered a bow tech outlaw from you and it arrived when you said it would. I shot it that day and it was perfect. Thank you all so much....I own a restaurant and know how hard running a business can be. Your staff was easy to talk to and I got what I ordered and paid for. Hope you all have a merry Christmas and New Year. I will be ordering a bow for my 12 yr old daughter after the new year. I would not order it from anyone but Hunters Friend.

Thanks again.
S.V., Montrose, CO
Hello Mike, I recently made a new bow purchase from Hunter's Friend, and I just wanted to let you know that I have been very pleased with my purchase. Out of the box it was shooting perfect, and after a few of my own adjustments, I had my sights ready to take it out for the first time. While I never saw any deer that I felt like shooting, I was able to take a turkey. I know it wouldn't have been possible without the proper tuning from your team, considering it was a neck shot at 29 yards. Thank you for making my purchase quick, easy, and go as smooth as possible with the sales department (I believe it was Jason who helped me with my order). Another "thank you" to Rick, who is listed as the technician for my bow. I will definitely recommend Hunter's Friend in the future.

Proud owner of a new Bear Anarchy
I just wanted to email and express my sincere gratitude for the excellent service, professionally tuned bow, and detailed test data for my new Athens IBEX. All I can say is "WOW". . .I've owned Browning, PSE, Parker, HOYT, etc. and am just astounded by this "new kid on the block". . .very, very high quality bow that I've yet to find a flaw. Speaking of perfection, you have one heck of a staff there! My package arrived perfectly secured, the test data very detailed, and the results great. Other than a few minor tweaks for my shooting style/eyes, I was in serious business within a few minutes. . .a great compliment to the knowledge of your staff! I love the dangerous game arrows and wonder if you could quote me a price on a dozen. Same fletch, except this time around I'd like the cock fletch in flourescent orange instead of yellow. If someone could look up my order and make sure that I'd receive exactly the same (cut length, inserts, etc.) as what I received with the bow I'd like to get them on the way to me. Thanks so much, great service and American product are still alive!

T.H., Guttenberg, IA
Hello. I picked up my Bowtech Assassin ready to hunt package today and I absolutely love it. I took it out and shot it as soon as I got home and it is excellent. My brother thinks it's pretty awesome two. And I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the great service that I received from you and your staff. I can't thank you all enough. I will highly recommend you folks to everyone that I know.

Thank you and God bless,
Mike, My Wife and I were trilled when we got the bow in today! She Loves it and was so happy to see it arrive. I know its the busy season for you guys; so its important that we tell you and your staff Thanks!!! My wife and I were so let down by the customer service at Gander mountain that I bought her Diamond from you!! I really feel I made the right call going to Hunters Friend. Your staff is top notch and I am looking forward to doing business with you next season. And were happy her bow is made in USA. Thanks again, A customer that WILL recommend and a pleased hunter.

I'm not the type of person to normally give feedback about items I purchase, but for Hunters Friend, you're the exception to the rule. I just recently purchased a Bear Carnage RTH bow and WOW! Two days after I ordered the bow I had it. The bow shoots better than I could have imagined. The only thing I have had to do is refletch my arrows because the Carnage shot so consistent that the arrows kept stacking up on each other removing the fletching. Did I mention that the bow was shooting this great out of the box, and the arrows had to be fixed within the first 20 shots. You have an amazing team and you're close enough that I can visit the shop locally. Thanks for what you do.

J.B., Cannelton, IN
Just got back from trying the bow out and its perfect. Your team did a great job with my bow and i wish i knew about you guys years ago.

Thanks D.T.C.
Joe, I received my new Diamond Outlaw bow and man it is great! I have not shot a bow for 20 years and I am shooting 3 inch groups at 30 yards. You all have been great and I hope to be sending some of my friends to you soon.

G.S., Parker, CO
Just got my new Martin Pantera Magnum out of the box and shot it. The bow arrived ahead of schedule, and in good shape. Just took it out and shot it for the first time. OUTSTANDING!!!! I am very happy with it. It will be out hunting in about a week. Thank You very much! I will recommend your store to my friends.

G.W. East Helena, MT
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