16 1/2" X-BOW Tear Drop, STRING ONLY
16 1/2' X-BOW Tear Drop, STRING ONLY

16 1/2" X-BOW Tear Drop, STRING ONLY

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  • X-BOW TEAR DROP, STRING :16 1/2"
16 1/2" X-BOW Tear Drop, STRING ONLY
Check out these beautiful new bowstrings from our production and repair stockroom. Each string has been stretched and measured (to the nearest 1/4" inch), then bagged and tagged accordingly. These are all brand new strings from the best builders in the industry (Winner's Choice, Stone Mountain, America's Best, many OEMs, etc.). Please browse our entire string section, we have many sizes and types available. You get the exact string shown here. No retail packaging.   

NOTES: (1) It is perfectly acceptable to add (or subtract) a few twists to the bowstring in order to achieve a specific length. For example, if your bow requires a 38-3/8" buss cable, a 38-1/2" replacement will be fine (just add a few twists to reduce the length as needed). Of course, this trick has limits. We suggest you adjust the length no more than +/- 1/4". So try to find a replacement string that is as close as possible, but there is no need to split hairs about a overly specific string spec. Adding or subtracting a few twists is all you'll need to do. (2) String lengths are measured using the AMO Compound Bow String Length Standard.

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