2021 Bear Royale, A REAL Bow For the Young Hunter in Your Life, THE BIG PACKAGE, Full Pro-Shop Prepped Bowhunting Package Deal
2021 Bear Royale, A REAL Bow For the Young Hunter in Your Life, THE BIG PACKAGE, Full Pro-Shop Prepped Bowhunting Package Deal

2021 Bear Royale, A REAL Bow For the Young Hunter in Your Life, THE BIG PACKAGE, Full Pro-Shop Prepped Bowhunting Package Deal

Now just $379.00
... also includes arrows, broadheads, release, bowcase, professional setup, chronograph testing and much more.

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[290 fps] ` [27" ata] ` [6" bh] ` [05-50# dw] ` [12-27" dl] ` [3.3 lb] ` [75% lo] ` [BLACK FINISH]

WHY IS THE ROYALE SO SPECIAL?  For a while now the concept of a hyper adjustable "fit everyone" compound bow has been much more than just the pipe dream that it once was, nowadays it is a very real, very awesome genre of compound bow. For those of you that may not know, a "hyper adjustable" compound bow has a VERY WIDE range of both draw weight and draw length - usually with an available adjustment range of 30# or more of draw weight and 10" or more of draw length . The idea being that any shooter, big or small, or of any age can jump right in and grow with the bow forever. Most of the time, these bows succeed at their mission without even breaking a sweat, BUT, there is one group of shooters that bows with more adjustability simply can't target like we would have hoped. The very young kids (ages 5-12 years old or so) looking for a very real bow, not a TOY bow!  The reason is not due to the adjustability of the bow like most would think. The real reason is actually caused by the overall mass of the bow itself. For example. If your 7 year old truly wants a REAL bow, just like dad shoots, NOT A TOY, being able to setup the draw weight at 20# is, with out a doubt important, but in this case the size of a typical compound bow would be almost as big as the aspiring hunter shooting it. That child would have one heck of a hard time holding up a full size bow at all, let alone worrying about staying steady and consistent while doing so. That is the problem we run into with the best selling "fit everyone" bows on the market such as the Diamond Edge 320, the Bear Cruzer G2 and the Bear Legit. All of these are fantastic bows BUT they are simply too large for certain ages. Thankfully, this is where the Bear Royale steps into save the day.  

WAY MORE THAN A TOY! The 2021 Bear Royale is NOT A TOY and it is NOT A JOKE! This thing is a very REAL, very capable compound bow and it is designed for those aspiring shooters of the world that are still growing into a full size compound bow. We get calls all the time from parents looking for a compound bow for their child but they do NOT want a toy bow, they want the real deal. For kids ages 5-12 or so, we never really had a good answer for those calls because the mass of the most popular hyper adjustable bows would just be too much for a child that age to safely handle and anything else was more of a toy than a functional compound bow. Thankfully we finally have an answer for these types of calls!  Bear came to the rescue by compressing all the power of a modern "hyper adjustable bow" into a smaller frame, keeping the performance but dropping the size/mass of the bow down to a size that younger shooters can easily handle. I am not joking when I say this thing is not a toy. The Royal will surprise you in all the right ways. Power, performance, speed, and everything else, all coming together to epitomize the phrase "big things come in small packages".  The Royale Has an impressive IBO speed of 290 FPS and will come set up specifically for that special future bow hunter in your life. The Royal will help make target practice a family activity that everyone in your home can enjoy. Just in time for Christmas. Shoot with care, and have a happy new year!   
Our bow packages are very different from the basic "kit" or "outfitter" compound bows commonly sold at the big-box stores. Look closely when comparing our Field-Ready (Ready-to-Hunt) packages to the competition. We're not like other stores. Our compound bow packages are pro-shop prepared bowhunting systems which include everything - plus our complete round of setup and testing services where no detail is overlooked. This custom bow arrives professionally assembled, optimized at your exact specifications and hand-tuned by one of qualified in-house technicians. You even get a chronograph scorecard and system statistics report with your bow. If you're just getting started into bowhunting and not exactly sure what your "specifications and preferences" are, we can help you too. We'll walk you through it step-by-step. We've been doing this for over 17 years, and we know how to help you get those arrows on target. Please give us a chance to show you the Hunter's Friend difference: better value, better service, better experience.
Over the years, we have written a number of guides and help-articles to assist online buyers. If you're having trouble making sense of industry jargon and specifications, don't get discouraged. Our guides skip the hype and hyperbole and tell you what you need to know. Learn what really matters and what doesn't. So breathe easy; we're here to help. We'll walk you through it step by step. Please browse the guides and help articles below
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If you would rather talk to a real person, we're in the shop all week. We are happy to answer any questions you have. If you would like to chat with one of our experts, or if you just prefer to place your order over the phone, please don't hesitate to call us at 606-297-1011 (M-F: 8 AM - 7 PM EST). Archery is our favorite subject. We will be happy to help you make the best choices and go through your options one by one. We have a zero-pressure sales policy - no one will press you to make a purchase or try to hound you afterwards - we promise. You may also inquire about custom orders at our general inbox. International customers, please see instructions for placing orders from outside the U.S. and Canada.
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