2024 Hoyt Alpha X30 - BARE BOW
2024 Hoyt Alpha X30 - BARE BOW

2024 Hoyt Alpha X30 - BARE BOW

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Part Number:A24A-BOWS-2024-HT-ALPHAX-30-BB
2024 HOYT ALPHA X 30
[344 fps] ` [30 3/8" ata] ` [6 - 3/16" bh] ` [60-70# dw] ` [25-26" / 26.25-28" / 28.25-30" dl] ` [4.2 lb] `` [BOURBON (PICTURED)]
THE LEGEND OF HOYT MAKES ITS WAY TO OUR HUMBLE SHOP:  Here at Hunter's Friend we have always been BIG fans of Hoyt and we are thrilled to finally have these epic bows available here in our pro-shop!
Here is one of our favorites - the 2024 Hoyt Alpha X 30. Compact and forgiving, the new Alpha X 30 feels right at home in your blind, treestand, or the backcountry. With monumental improvements on silence, vibration, and efficiencies throughout, this is the game changer you’ve been waiting for. Shoot it at your local shop to see why.

hoyt alpha x 30 bourbon
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