NEW! 2020 Bear Status EKO, in IRON,  Build Your Own Bowhunting Package with help from the Pro-Shop (Call for Ordering Details)
NEW! 2020 Bear Status EKO, in IRON, Build Your Own Bowhunting Package with help from the Pro-Shop (Call for Ordering Details)

NEW! 2020 Bear Status EKO, in IRON, Build Your Own Bowhunting Package with help from the Pro-Shop (Call for Ordering Details)

Now just $1,000.00

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[343 fps] ` [33" ata] ` [6" bh] ` [55-70# dw] ` [26-30" dl] ` [4.3 lb] ` [90% lo] ` [IRON FINISH]
These days, making us rethink our definition of what exactly makes an "awesome high end bow" seems to be a favorite hobby of the engineers over at Bear Archery! We now live in a world where "speed" alone is no longer the golden ticket to high sales numbers at the end of the year, especially with the hardcore competition in the high end compound bow market in 2020. Most high end compound bows seem to be manufactured with certain things in mind.  The metaphorical "Secret Krabby Patty Formula" for the perfect high dollar hunting bow, nowadays, is a fine combination of THREE very important ingredients.  Speed of coarse is still extremely important, and the Bear Status EKO has it by the truck load clocking in at a blistering 343 FPS, so no problem in that department. Smooth draw stroke is another key ingredient and anyone that has already shot the new Status EKO can testify that it is one of the most comfortable drawing/shooting bows on Earth now or ever. The thing is as smooth as silk. The final crucial ingredient is a mixture of the obvious factors such as, the bow needs to be quite, no hand shock, accurate, and it needs to look good while doing all of these things. If a compound bow lacked any of these things the market would eat it alive but if a bow has everything then it will do well. The Bear Status EKO excels on all fronts so I am not going to use this article to tell you about how quite it is, how dead in the hand it is, or how fast it is. Instead, I would like to use it to tell you about how the Status EKO has introduced a new surprise 4th ingredient to the mixture and in doing so has the 2020 Bear Status EKO has changed the game forever. What is this new 4th ingredient?  Customizable let-off! The EKO cam allows the shooter to customize his/her's let off in way that has never been done before on a high end hunting bow. The let-off can be adjusted from 75% all the way up to 90% allowing you as a shooter to zero in on your own personal "sweet spot" for optimal accuracy. Yes, the Status EKO is fast, smooth and as sexy as possible, but when you add the fact that you can control the valley/let-off to this level, you are left with a high end bow that stands out from the crowd. The 2020 Bear Status EKO is an amazing bow that you can literally bend to your will in a way like never before!  THIS BOW CAN NOT BE ORDERED ONLINE SO PLEASE CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION AT 877-410-7811.
A raw factory-boxed compound bow is commonly called a "bare" bow (not to be confused with a "Bear" bow - as in Bear Archery Products). Most archery e-tailers sell these bare bows directly to consumers as is, but we think that's a lazy and irresponsible way to distribute archery equipment. We hate to tell you this, but it is VERY common to unbox a new "bare" bow and find significant cam lean, loose fasteners, uneven limb tiller, poor cam timing, axles spaced incorrectly, improperly set draw-stop pegs, unset cable clearances, unchased mounting holes, cables crossed on the wrong side, etc. A bow that's dead nuts perfect right out of a box is fairly rare, from ANY brand. This doesn't mean compound bows are bad quality products, they just need some individual attention and competent technical setup before they're put into service. So when ecommerce archery resellers try to sell factory-boxed compound bows as "no touch" merchandise, it often results in poor customer satisfaction rates and mediocre field performance (or worse). e.
We don't sell raw bows like that. After 20 years in the business, we've learned it's a guaranteed recipe for failure. We just won't do it. Fortunately, we have a fully-equipped archery pro-shop and we have a MUCH better method. You're going to love this. When you buy a "bare" bow at Hunter's Friend, you get something you won't find at any other e-commerce archery retailer ... real technical service. Best of all, it won't cost you a dime extra. We feel that strongly about it. We want you to be happy and successful with your new bow, so this isn't just lip service. We're putting our money where our mouth is. Every "bare" compound bow comes with a FREE ARROW REST, PEEP SIGHT, AND STRING LOOP, along with our complimentary round of key services:

  • Containment-Style Arrow Rest (installed)
  • Draw Weight Adjustments
  • Draw Length Adjustments
  • Let-Off Adjustments (if equipped)
  • Peep Sight Installation
  • String Loop/Nocking Point (installed)
  • Paper-Tuning/Flight-Tuning
  • Chronograph & KE Report
  • Arrow Spine Matching Report
  • All Technical Alignments
When you receive the bow, all that's left to do is install your sight, quiver, stabilizer and other accessories, then grab your arrows and go sight it in. We take care of all the technical tasks and hassles in advance: the bow press operations, module changes, managing specialty fasteners, serving string jobs, cinching string loop knots, setting cam timing, debugging noises, etc. We take care of it all. When you get the bow, the technical problems are already solved. Done! So when you start shooting your new bow, you won't be fighting tuning or setup issues. Your arrows will actually fly straight. Your cams will actually be in time. Your bow will actually be performing as it was designed to perform. That's a recipe for a good experience, and frankly, it's just the right thing to do. If you choose, we will even install your accessories for you. It's up to you.
Over the years, we have written a number of guides and help-articles to assist online buyers. If you're having trouble making sense of industry jargon and specifications, don't get discouraged. Our guides skip the hype and hyperbole and tell you what you need to know. Learn what really matters and what doesn't. So breathe easy; we're here to help. We'll walk you through it step by step. Please browse the guides and help articles below
little icon Step-by-Step Bow Ordering Guide
little icon Compound Bow Fitment Guide
little icon Compound Bow Buyer's Guide
little icon The Hunter's Friend Difference


If you would rather talk to a real person, we're in the shop all week. We are happy to answer any questions you have. If you would like to chat with one of our experts, or if you just prefer to place your order over the phone, please don't hesitate to call us at 606-297-1011 (M-F: 8 AM - 7 PM EST). Archery is our favorite subject. We will be happy to help you make the best choices and go through your options one by one. We have a zero-pressure sales policy - no one will press you to make a purchase or try to hound you afterwards - we promise. You may also inquire about custom orders at our general inbox. International customers, please see instructions for placing orders from outside the U.S. and Canada.
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