NEW! 370 FPS! 2019 Obsession Lawless, in Mossy Oak Mountain Country, THE BIG PACKAGE, Full Pro-Shop Prepped Bowhunting Package Deal

NEW! 370 FPS! 2019 Obsession Lawless, in Mossy Oak Mountain Country, THE BIG PACKAGE, Full Pro-Shop Prepped Bowhunting Package Deal

Now just $1,299.00
... also includes arrows, broadheads, release, bowcase, professional setup, chronograph testing and much more.

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[370 fps] ` [32.75" ata] ` [5.125" bh] ` [60#-70# dw] ` [24.5"-30" dl] ` [4.5 lb] ` [90% lo] ` [Mossy Oak Mountain Country]
We have apparently entered into a world without rules! A world where modern compound bows are capable of more than we ever thought possible. A world where compound bows have become.... LAWLESS! Need some proof? 370 FPS, IBO! A combination of numbers and letters I thought would NEVER be possible, ESPECIALLY on a bow that is actually fun to shoot. I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around it all, but it is true. Obsession Has done it again and this time they have pushed the envelope clean off the table.

The Obsession Lawless is, to put it simply, stupid fast. I am talking about a level of fast that we did not expect or even fully understand...  it has left us a tad bit speechless, and maybe even a little freaked out to be completely honest about it. The 2019 Obsession Lawless has raw power by the truck load, there is no doubt about it, but the real surprise comes from the overall shootability of the Lawless. Speed is important, we all know that,  but speed is not everything. A bow can be the fastest in the world but if it is not comfortable to shoot then you will be left with a very fast arrow that you can not hit anything with. Which is why the big surprise here is that the Lawless is no where near as aggressive as you would expect from a bow capable of such speeds. As a matter of fact, it is down right pleasant to shoot. The draw stroke is surprisingly smooth (70# does not feel like 120# as you would expect out of a bow shooting this fast) 70# feels like 70#.  Obsession found a way to combine a buttery smooth draw stroke, a firm back wall, and the gift of 90% let-off, with off the chart IBO speeds and they were able to leave us with a speed bow the likes of which the archery industry as a whole has never been seed before. 
Obsession  has always had a talent for somehow making speed bows more comfortable but the 2019 Lawless is impressive even by their standards. The long standing, unwritten, "law" that speed bows are always aggressive to shoot is an idea that has long been put to sleep by Obsession Archery.   

Raw power and an enjoyable draw stroke isn't all this bow has to offer you though! The Lawless is decked out in the Mossy Oak Mountain Country camo pattern, and is also sporting an all new super sexy, sleek riser design. From the ground up the 2019 Obsession Lawless was built to be a mind blower and so far we see ZERO signs of it doing anything other than just that. We have officially entered into an all new, uncharted frontier where bows of this speed are not only possible, but also a pleasure to shoot. A frontier without any of the old ideas of what fast compound bows are expected to be, a lawless world where anything is possible!

This is a high-end bow that truly earns every single penny of it's price tag, and then some. If you honestly thought that modern compound bows could not get any better than they already had, we have some news for you....SPOILER ALERT..... they just did... BIG TIME!  Here's proof - a guaranteed top-pick for 2019. In stock now and ready for immediate setup.
Our bow packages are very different from the basic "kit" or "outfitter" compound bows commonly sold at the big-box stores. Look closely when comparing our Field-Ready (Ready-to-Hunt) packages to the competition. We're not like other stores. Our compound bow packages are pro-shop prepared bowhunting systems which include everything - plus our complete round of setup and testing services where no detail is overlooked. This custom bow arrives professionally assembled, optimized at your exact specifications and hand-tuned by one of qualified in-house technicians. You even get a chronograph scorecard and system statistics report with your bow. Ãâ€Å¡ If you're just getting started into bowhunting and not exactly sure what your "specifications and preferences" are, we can help you too. We'll walk you through it step-by-step. We've been doing this for over 17 years, and we know how to help you get those arrows on target. Please give us a chance to show you the Hunter's Friend difference: better value, better service, better experience.
Over the years, we have written a number of guides and help-articles to assist online buyers. If you're having trouble making sense of industry jargon and specifications, don't get discouraged. Our guides skip the hype and hyperbole and tell you what you need to know. Learn what really matters and what doesn't. So breathe easy; we're here to help. We'll walk you through it step by step. Please browse the guides and help articles below
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