Bow Resurrection

ressurrect your compound bow pro-shop package program
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Old bow, broken bow, worn out bow, we can resurrect them all!
Been itching to dust off that old bow lately? Resurrect Your Compound Bows, NEW & OLD Full Detail Repairs, Tune Ups, and More Available! We are the Pro-Shop for Hunters in Need of a Pro-Shop no matter your location! Dust off that old bow under your bed, go grab that old bow out of the garage, be sure to buy that beat up old bow at the flea market - those bows can still have plenty of life left in them. I probably shouldn't spill this secret, but, you do not have to buy a new bow every year to keep up with the best hunters, we would love it if you did so please do if you want to- but the truth is. more often than not,  you just have to show your current bow the right kind of love. That is where we step in, we love loving bows! We can most likely heal whatever ales that poor old bow of yours and can likely make it shoot like new again. From string and cable replacements to full service tune ups - if it can be fixed - then we can fix it. Just give us a call at 877-410-7811 for more details and come see what a real pro-shop can do.
All repairs are NOT created equally! The vast majority of "bow resurrections" are handled with good ol' fashioned know how and a nice new string & cable set. However! There are some extreme scenarios out there that may require manufacturer limited parts, such as limbs, cams and things like that. If we are a dealer for the manufacturer of your bow, and if that manufacturer still has the parts available, then we should be able to track them down, no big deal. Unfortunately, some of those older specialized parts are extinct and we can no longer get them. Simply give us a call at 877-410-7811 and we will troubleshoot your bow's problems. We will be able to tell you right away if we can get parts for your particular bow and give you a quote right there on the spot.
dry fired bow
Just because a bow is in pieces does not necessarily mean that it can not be fixed. We may be able to help!
Shipping is the elephant in the room, but it balances out There is no easy way to say it, shipping prices SUCK. We wish there was a better, cheaper way to handle things but unfortunately we are stuck with the system and prices they set. As part of the "Bow Resurrection Program" you (the customer) would be responsible for shipping to and from. WAIT - DON'T LEAVE JUST YET, HEAR ME OUT. However! Our services are provided at WELL below the industry standards for bow maintenance and repairs. Most shops charge $35 - $75 an hour just to touch the bow and then charge service charges on top such as an extra $25 for the string & cable installation. This is just an example but it is one of many. These types of charges add up fast. It is not unheard of for customers to spend $150 on labor to have a new string & cable set installed NOT COUNTING THE PRICE FOR THE PARTS. Then you have to pay for paper tuning, and what ever else is needed to get your bow back to normal. Yes, shipping prices are terrible but we are consistently able to perform repairs cheaper than many shops even with shipping. It varies from situation to situation but please feel free to give us a call at 877-410-7811 for a free quote. Or simply shoot us a quick email. You can send it to [email protected] or [email protected] Archery is all we do and we are VERY good at it.