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Lets make a deal! There is not a person on planet Earth that does not LOVE to run into a deal that is just too good to pass up. Here at Hunter's Friend we fully understand this and armed with that information we have decided to give the people exactly what they want! Allow me to formally introduce you to "Dan's Deals of the Week"! Here is the basic idea. Every day (Monday - Friday) our store manager, Daniel Scott, or "Dan" will dig up a handful of items. These items could literally be anything big or small, from hats to muzzle loaders , inserts to a compound bows, you get the idea. We may have hundreds of the selected item or we may only have a single one, either way it will be on a first come first serve basis and once we are out of said item, that particular deal will end. We will list Dan's picks in this section with an accurate inventory and as long as it does NOT SAY "SOLD OUT" then grab it while you can!! Each item will include a detailed description, so please read them carefully to get a firm understanding of what you will be purchasing and keep in mind that this section will include both new and used items. Do NOT write off an item just because it says "used" we all know used items have the most potential for good deals. All items will be inspected and tested before being offered so there will be no worries as to whether or not you will be buying a quality product - if its on the page then its good to go. Orders for the "Deals of the Week" can be placed online or over the phone so please feel free to call us with any questions that you may have at 877-410-7811. Act fast and happy dealing!! .
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Cva Wolf Muzzleloader Stainless/black .50 Cal.
$235.15  $224.99
In Stock.