Grayling Fletching Jig - A SHOP FAVORITE
Grayling Fletching Jig - A SHOP FAVORITE

Grayling Fletching Jig - A SHOP FAVORITE

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GRAYLING FLETCHING JIG:  This is one of the easiest to operate, easiest to understand, and most consistent fletching jigs on the market. Yes, it is not a metal clamp/jig, but do not let that spook you. Yes, solid metal jigs exist, BUT, those are much more expensive and the Grayling keeps up with the very best of them. I started here as an arrow fletcher in 2008 and the Grayling Jig is what I learned to fletch on and to this day it is still the only Jig I use when it comes time to stick some vanes on an arrow. I have fletched hundreds of thousands of arrows with this product so I know first hand how good it can be to have a round. You can choose between a "straight" clamp (for straight fletched vanes or offset fletched vanes) or a "right helical" clamp (used for right helical vanes and right helical feathers) lastly there is a "left helical" clamp option (used for left helical vanes and left helical feathers. The Jig comes setup for the standard 3-Fletch configuration, but if you so choose, it also has the parts to do the less common 4-Fletch configuration.  Keep in mind that fletching an arrow is a skill, and like any skill, it takes practice to get right - let alone to get good at it. There is no jig on earth that will make you a pro on day one so if your first few arrows do not turn out perfect, it is not the jig, it is just the process. You have to dial them in and find the sweet spot, once you do that you will be fletching with the best of us. You can spend 200 bucks on a jig if you really want to, but since the Grayling Jig is a thing,  there is no need for it 

Grayling jig

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