HHA Tetra Virtus, Drop Away Arrow Rest
HHA Tetra Virtus, Drop Away Arrow Rest

HHA Tetra Virtus, Drop Away Arrow Rest

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  • Hand:Right Hand
HOW A DROP AWAY SHOULD BE Only HHA can make an arrow rest as well designed as the Tetra Virtus. We have put this one through the ringer here at the shop, testing it with several bows and several different combinations of specs. We have yet to run into a setup that the Virtus could not handle. Tunes great, and tunes easy which is something our guys building bows LOVE. Not every drop away can brag in such away as the Virtus! Don't take my word for it, check it out. 

  • Complete arrow containment and fletching clearance
  • Dampening and noise reducing laser-cut felt
  • Centrally located, ergonomic thumb lever allows for effortless cocking with either hand
  • Full draw indicator markings assure proper timing and set-up
  • LBS +: This patented latch and brake system combines to produce the smoothest, most reliable fall away rest on the market
  • Gator Grip Cord Clamp: A bow tech’s dream, this noslip, no-burn, no-fuss cord adjustment lock provides fast and simple set-up and timing

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