NEW 2023 Bowtech Carbon One, in Smoke Grey-  Full Pro-Shop Prepped Bowhunting Package Deal
NEW 2023 Bowtech Carbon One, in Smoke Grey- Full Pro-Shop Prepped Bowhunting Package Deal

NEW 2023 Bowtech Carbon One, in Smoke Grey- Full Pro-Shop Prepped Bowhunting Package Deal

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Part Number:A23A-2023-CARBON-ONE-FULL

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[335fps] ` [30" ata] ` [6.63" bh] ` [60#, 70# dw] ` [25.5"-30.5" dl]  ` [85% lo] ` [SMOKE GREY]




  • A whole new look in Carbon bows. Flowing, sexy lines that stand far above the competitors.
  • The only carbon bow featuring the smoothest experience before, during, and after the shot.
  • Equipped with the DeadLock Cam System: the quickest and simplest way to achieve perfect arrow flight and repeatable accuracy.
  • The strategically engineered carbon riser, coupled with the Orbit Dampeners virtually eliminates all felt vibration on the shot.
  • Features the Integrate Mounting System dovetail for use with arrow rests equipped with IMS.
  • The strategically positioned Orbit Dampeners virtually eliminate vibration and noise on the shot.
  • *Alternate and custom decoration options are subject to upcharges.

OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS ON THE CARBON ONEHere at Hunter's Friend, I have had a pretty cool job over the last decade or so. I get to personally spend one, on one time with every single product that we decide to offer as part of our "Ready To Hunt" compound bow program. These will be the bows that we eventually offer as fully set up packages with hours of work invested in each custom package to ensure a perfect fit for the shooter on the other side. We put an equal amount of work into making sure we do NOT allow/offer any low quality bows in that program, this extra effort ensures that you will never find a "turd" of a bow floating in our proverbial "punch bow" of a Ready To Hunt line up.
     The truth is that nowadays quality bows are abundant but finding the best of them, that is the real trick. The ones that shine the brightest in every category, and the ones that can make even the most experienced among us blush with anticipation to fling an arrow through it. Recently I was chilling in my office and someone walks in with a 2023 Bowtech Carbon One and reaches it to me. My first thoughts - D@#N this bow is the coolest looking thing I have ever seen!!!! I know looks don't necessarily really mean much to everyone while they are in the market for a new bow but if looks do mean something to you then the Carbon One is a freaking show stopper.
   Go back and take a close look of the pictures and just know that they do not do the bow justice. The specs in all other aspects are, as always with high end Bowtech, simply off the charts. Firing off shots with the Carbon One became a bit of a spectacle here at the shop as all of us wanted a turn. The only noise to speak of was the sound of the arrow hitting the target down the shooting tunnel, and the sounds of guys trying to call dibs for the next shot. Rock solid, and as dead in the hand as a bow can be.... and did I mention three times already that this thing is the COOLEST looking bow on the planet? Well just to be safe, this bow is the COOLEST looking bow on the planet. 

    The Carbon One has a pretty serious price tag though it is a very serious bow, this I know, but if you can swing it - DO IT! This is one of those products that will blow your friends away without fail, and instantly make you the center of attention at the shooting range. Beyond that though - the Carbon One is one of the best out there and that is all there is to it. 

Over the years, we have written a number of guides and help-articles to assist online buyers. If you're having trouble making sense of industry jargon and specifications, don't get discouraged. Our guides skip the hype and hyperbole and tell you what you need to know. Learn what really matters and what doesn't. So breathe easy; we're here to help. We'll walk you through it step by step. Please browse the guides and help articles below
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If you would rather talk to a real person, we're in the shop all week. We are happy to answer any questions you have. If you would like to chat with one of our experts, or if you just prefer to place your order over the phone, please don't hesitate to call us at 606-297-1011 (M-F: 8 AM - 4 PM EST). Archery is our favorite subject. We will be happy to help you make the best choices and go through your options one by one. We have a zero-pressure sales policy - no one will press you to make a purchase or try to hound you afterwards - we promise. You may also inquire about custom orders at our general inbox. International customers, please see instructions for placing orders from outside the U.S. and Canada.
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