black friday bare bow blowout from banner

We have decided to do something a little different this year to celebrate the most fun shopping day of the year, BLACK FRIDAY! In addition to the normal process of simply putting a few items on sale, we are also going to single out BARE bows for an especially epic mark down. We have found ourselves with a few, various left over models of compound bows. All of these bows are NEW, or demo bows that have NEVER been shot. We have some Right Hand 60# models of this, some odd ball camo versions of that and so on... Why such a good deal on them? Its simple, we just want to move them fast to make way for the 2024 stuff that is incoming. So here is the deal. Check out the Bare Bow Blowout bows and if you see something that will work for you, grab it fast. Keep in mind that these prices are just for a BARE BOW - no packages for these - but we would still be happy to set your draw length and draw weight for no charge. Some of the demo bows may come with a peep sight and/or string loop pre-installed at no extra charge. Do not hesitate to buy a bow that catches your eye because we likely only have one of them available. Thanks everyone, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! 
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