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How "Hunger Games" Changed Archery Forever!

Posted by Jason Meade on 5/22/2017
pop culture
Archery is a sport loved by millions of people all across the globe. Every year interest in the sport has been steadily rising and every year new shooters decide to pick up a bow for the first time and hit the hills. Occasionally, thanks to popular movies and tv shows featuring archery, the sport will get a huge boost in popularity. Sometimes the influence of pop culture can even change the archery market forever. This is the story of how The Hunger Games did just that!

Straight, 4º Offset, or Helical? Vanes or Feathers? How should I Fletch my arrows?

Posted by Jason Meade on 4/14/2017
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Choosing the correct fletching configuration is really important to anyone interested in shooting a bow. It is also pretty confusing sometimes because of all the choices you will face. Should you get 2", 3" or 4" vanes? What about feathers? Should those vanes be fletched straight? Or what about helical? What is the difference between 4º offset and the rest? These are all questions you DO NOT want to guess the answer to because it can cost you in the long run. Here is what you need to know while choosing how to have your arrows fletched.

Code Name "Archery Porn" - A New Take on Product Photos!

Posted by Jason Meade on 3/24/2017
Anyone that has ever shopped online is familiar with those pictures of products sitting in front of a solid white background. These pictures are vital to any online retail operation because it allows customers to see the product you are offering. Taking these pictures can be a chore but it is something all online retailers have to do. Recently we decided to add a twist to our product photos in an attempt to make the process more artistic and fun. This is a method we have affectionately dubbed, "Archery Porn".

Chasing the Whisker Biscuit: Trying to Dethrone the King of Containment Rests!

Posted by Jason Meade on 3/10/2017
mighty biscuit
If you are interested in archery even just a little bit, then you have more than likely heard of the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit. It is also pretty likely that you have either used one at some point or maybe even use one as your primary arrow rest right now, and if so, you are far from alone. When the Whisker Biscuit hit the market it changed everything and it also started making a lot of money very fast. Other companies would soon take notice and decide to try and get a slice of the action. This is when we were all treated to a seemingly never ending stream of arrow rests trying steal the Biscuit's thunder. Did any one manage to pull it off? Why was is so hard to compete?

Top 3 Failed Archery Products I Have Encountered Over the Years

Posted by Jason Meade on 3/3/2017
failed products
In an industry full of various product manufacturers that are constantly attempting to "one up" each other, customers are bound to encounter a few, not so good, ideas at some point along the way. Here at Hunter's Friend we always do our best to give any product a fair chance, at least until it becomes clear the product in question is, for one reason or another, a flop. This could be due to the product not being durable enough, or well designed enough, or it could be that the product was fine but it simply did not interest many customers. No matter what the reason may be, here are my picks for the top three failed archery products I have encountered over the years.