Easton Full Metal Jacket 6MM,  Raw Shafts
Easton Full Metal Jacket 6MM, Raw Shafts

Easton Full Metal Jacket 6MM, Raw Shafts

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Part Number:ESTN-FMJ-6MM-RS
  • Raw Arrow Shafts:Includes unfletched arrow shafts, nocks, and aluminum inserts.

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Built on the shoulders of the legendary Full Metal Jacket, Easton's all-new FMJ 6mm takes aluminum/carbon composite arrow lethality to new heights. Perfect for any hunter looking to squeeze that last ounce of KE out of their hunting bow, the FMJ 6mm features improved sectional density and lower surface area to get even more power behind the point. The Full Metal Jacket 6mm is sure to set new standards for performance and penetration.

Easton has been leading the way in hunting arrows since the 1940s. Their experience and technology shows in every product they produce. Easton shafts are used by more bowhunters, crossbow hunters, 3D competitors, target and Olympic archers than all than all the other brands combined. Numbers like that don't lie- Easton is top notch quality. Put your mind at ease and get some arrows from Easton, you won't be disappointed.

custom easton fmj 6mm arrows



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