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A QUICK NOTE REGARDING RECENT PRICE INCREASES AND SHIPPING RATES!  These days it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses across America to keep up with rising prices.  It seems like every day we are hit with more bad news about rising material costs, product costs and everything in-between. With that said! The absolute WORST offender we have dealt with throughout the last couple of years has been, with out a doubt, USPS and shipping rates in general. Steady price increases would be one thing, but here lately theses companies have really broke it off in, not only us, but also in countless other small businesses across America. For example - Starting April 3rd 2022 USPS prices for larger scale packages increased to a flat rate of $15 EXTRA PER PACKAGE. This primarily applies to "longer" packages - which is, unfortunately,  99% of shipments in the archery business. Not many people shoot 14" arrows! This devastating blow came without warning and caught us completely off guard. This is the kind of price increase that could easily put small companies out of business so we pray everyone effected by this increase can weather the storm. We are doing our absolute best to keep prices down and we HATE to pass shipping charges of any kind along for any reason but sadly this new price increase has forced us into a corner on the subject - but we are still going to do our absolute best to make shipping costs our burden - not yours - in every single scenario that we possibly can. Our new, hopefully temporary, shipping system has three tiers to it and will work as follows: Free shipping will apply on orders over $199 to anywhere in the lower 48 states: On orders from $35-$199 -  We will offer a flat rate shipping charge of $13.33 to anywhere in the lower 48 states (flat rate shipping will not apply to orders going to Alaska or Hawaii): On orders below $35 (and orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or anywhere outside the lower 48 states) - Exact, actual shipping prices will apply, whatever they charge us for shipping outside the lower 48 is exactly what we will charge you for shipping. Hopefully, prices will get back to something reasonable asap and when that happens we will immediately change things here to reflect those prices. Thank you for supporting our small business, and we will do our very best to keep prices down in every way we possibly can! God Bless!
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 WHO DOESN'T LOVE FREE SHIPPING? We know you love free shipping. We all do. Retail customers practically demand it these days. Any good deal is only made better with free shipping. So we're on board with the trend. Let's do it! If you spend $199 or more, we'll ship most any order within the contiguous United States for free. How awesome is that? Our base shipping service is typically FedEx Ground (for larger/heavier items) or USPS Priority Mail (for smaller/lighter items). Tracking information is always provided to the account email and there's no monkey-business with slow cheap'o services (no parcel post, first class mail, SmartPost, etc.). Standard free shipping orders will arrive either on the 2-3 day Priority Mail schedule or the FedEx Ground schedule (see map). Either way, your free shipping goodies will be zipped-out and arrive in a few days. Easy enough!

WHAT ABOUT ALASKA AND HAWAII? Alaskans and Hawaiians are awesome people too. We think they should also get free shipping, but they don't. It's just too expensive to cover gratis, particularly on the larger bulk items like compound bow packages, crossbows, targets, etc. We admit, it would be a better world out there if those trucks and planes would actually move freight around the country for free, but they don't. Free isn't really free anyway. Shipping costs are all baked-into the magic of ecommerce, at least in the lower 48, but when shippers have to cross half an ocean or an entire continent, the costs of their services start to become real. We hate it, but the free shipping party just doesn't apply to Alaska and Hawaii. Yet in the spirit of goodwill, we have configured our online shipping calculators to provide some very affordable discounted rates to Alaska and Hawaii. We think you'll find them very competitive.


fedex express shipping from huntersfriend.comHERE'S WHERE WE GET NERVOUS` Since the inception of our store, we have resisted offering express shipping. Our business model is service-based, meaning most of our items require some technical preparation. We don't just grab things from a bin, throw them in a box and smack down a shipping label. Most orders need some service work first (which takes a little time). So it's been a philosophical pickle for us. Offering "rush" shipping services literally means we need to hurry when an order comes in, and we never encourage our technicians to do a "rush job" on anything. Making a technician race the clock always seemed like a bad idea to us. That's how mistakes happen. As such, we have always tried to avoid selling our customers expedited services. Nonetheless, our customers want express! We continue to get repeated requests for expedited shipping services, and it's high time we delivered. So for 2017, we made some changes to our stocking program, shopping cart and service schedule to better handle expedited sales and order volume. So we're ready for you now.

EXPEDITED ORDERS WILL NOW SHIP THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY (special order and drop-ship items excluded, of course). We know that might not be Amazon fast, but Amazon doesn't fletch arrows and hand-build custom compound bow outfits. We do. As far as we're concerned, that's lightning fast for service-based work from a real archery pro-shop (and it's still going to be done right). You want it fast? All right. Let's do it!

HOW TO EXPEDITE YOUR ORDER` There's no fanfare or ceremony required. If you want your order shipped FedEx 2Day or FedEx Standard Overnight, simply choose that option at checkout if you're ordering online. If you're ordering by phone, ask for a quote and we'll make it happen that way. Be advised though, express shipping charges are generally non-refundable. If you return items to the store, express shipping charges are excluded from any refunds or account credits. Once that FedEx Express label is printed, it's a done deal.