Need to change the draw length on your older compound bow? Having a hard time tracking a particular module down?  If your bow uses an older, discontinued, or obscure module, we may able to help you out.
Over the years we have amassed a very large collection of miscellaneous modules from a variety of compound bow manufactures, most of which have long since been discontinued and, for the most part, forgotten. If you know exactly which mod you are looking for (name, number, model and so on) then please feel free to check out our stock pile to see if that elusive little piece of metal may be hiding inside.  You never know! 

Keep in mind that it is impossible for us to remember exactly what adjustments all of these mods actually make and on which bows they make them. Fortunately, it isn't really so hard to figure out. Many bow tune charts are still available online. Other times, the application of a little common sense will do the trick. Please be 100% sure the module you purchase is actually the one you need - the fitment legwork is up to you. The best way to do this would be to refer to the owner's manual of your compound bow (assuming you still have it). If not, there are a number of other resources you can try (Google, forums, call the manufacturer, etc.). Once you know the exact module you require, all you need to do is check out our module section and look for it. You may find just the gem you need ... 
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