International Ordering Guide

WHERE DO WE SHIP? Almost everywhere. We service most international destinations via the US Postal Service. If the US Postal Service ships to your country, then WE ship to your country. Of course, the rules aren't the same in every country. Please visit the USPS Index of Countries to see applicable restrictions (max sizes, values, rules, banned items, etc.). We also use FedEx International Express services upon request. Please contact our sales office via email for additional details.
WHAT DO WE SHIP? Almost everything. With some exceptions on our very largest items (large targets, very heavy/bulky items, etc.) most of our inventory is available for international purchase and can be shipped worldwide. Be advised that some items are restricted/banned by foreign governments and shipping costs can vary dramatically from location to location. International shipments are generally handled on a case-by-case basis.
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SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR CANADA Doing business with our Canadian neighbors is a little simpler than other international destinations. Canadians may order online or by phone without any significant restrictions. We have made special arrangements with FedEx International Economy/Priority to offer exceptionally good rates into Canada. In most cases, the FedEx service is the best option - although USPS services are also offered for shipments to Canada. Of course, you will have to pay applicable import fees (GST, PST, Brokerage Fees, etc.) upon delivery. Hunter's Friend DOES NOT LEVY OR COLLECT FOREIGN TAXES. We play no role in Canadian tax matters. Contact your local taxing authority for estimating your costs to import archery equipment.
ARE U.S. MILITARY ADDRESSES CONSIDERED "INTERNATIONAL"? No. However some of the international guidelines apply. Packages sent to APO, FPO, and DPO military zip codes still require customs forms and are subject to certain mailing restrictions. The US Postal Service limits package size and weight to some destinations. Military mail orders may take anywhere from 7-30 days to arrive, depending on the location, conditions, and military mail system cooperation. While most common orders (bow packages, custom arrows, accessories, etc.) will process normally online and ship without any drama, be advised that we must evaluate these orders on a case by case basis as well. We will contact you if an APO/FPO/DPO order requires additional attention.
CAN INTERNATIONAL ORDERS BE PLACED ONLINE? Generally, no (except Canada). International orders often require a little more work. We serve nearly 200 countries and territories around the world, each with their own set of rules, restrictions, and guidelines. There simply isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for them all. To serve our international customers best, we need to personally handle each order on a case by case basis.
HOW DO I CONTACT A SALESPERSON? Most of our international orders are arranged totally via email. If you wish to call, we will gladly assist you. However, most international orders go more smoothly when conducted via email correspondence. International order inquiries should be sent to our general inbox on our Contact page. Please include your name, shipping address and a detailed description of the items you would like to purchase. We will advise you on how to proceed and help get the order underway.
HOW MUCH WILL SHIPPING COST? It depends. Shipping rates vary by destination, insured amount, package weight and package size. Our most popular items, of course, are our compound bow packages - which come standard in a large 49"x7"x21" box (Hard-Case Option). This large box, when allowed, usually costs between $75 and $150 USD to ship internationally with USPS. If you choose the smaller/lighter Soft-Case option, your order can be packaged in a much smaller box (approximately 40"x5"x15") which ships for significantly less. Please note that the United States Postal Service restricts the maximum allowable package size to some locations (Australia & South Africa in particular). So the soft-case is the only available option for some service types/areas. Please contact us for a quote.
WILL I RECEIVE A PRO-FORMA INVOICE? Yes! Once you have submitted your order details, we will create a pro-forma invoice for your review (.jpg or .pdf format) and return it to your email address. All quotes are good for 30 days. If your pro-forma invoice and all order details are correct, we can proceed to payment and finalizing the order.
WHAT PAYMENT FORMS ARE ACCEPTED?  International orders are generally paid via bank wire-transfer (electronic transfer), with a major credit card (most locations), or via PayPal (some restrictions apply). When you receive your pro-forma invoice, you will also receive complete instructions on how to proceed with your payment. All amounts are in U.S. Dollars.
WILL I HAVE TO PAY IMPORT FEES OR TAXES?  Probably, yes. We do not charge international customers American (sales) taxes, but your purchases are likely to be subject to import fees and taxes in your country. Be advised, Hunter's Friend DOES NOT LEVY OR COLLECT FOREIGN TAXES. We play no role in foreign tax matters. Contact your local taxing authority for estimating your costs to import archery equipment from the USA.
CAN YOU MARK MY PACKAGE AS A “GIFT”?  Sorry, no.  Our company policy, as well as USPS and FedEx policy strictly prohibits the falsification of international shipping/customs documentation. All international orders are invoiced for the actual amounts and are properly declared and insured for the protection of all.  Underdeclared packages are not only illegal, they expose all parties to additional risk - should a package be lost or destroyed in transit. It's not worth the risk.
CAN YOU EXPRESS SHIP TO INDONESIA WITH A CREDIT CARD? In a business like ours, nothing seems to run the red flag up the pole faster than those words. This is not our first year in business. If you are planning to request high-dollar items to be paid via credit card and express shipped to the South Pacific, don't waste your time. Credit card fraud is rampant in some areas of the world ... an issue we are acutely aware of. High risk orders must be prepaid via wire-transfer ONLY. If you are ordering from a high-risk region, your salesperson will instruct you on how to proceed with your order.
OTHER/LEGAL: Hunter's Friend assumes no responsibility for packages held in foreign ports for taxes due, restrictions on the import and ownership of a compound bow in foreign countries, or other matters beyond our control. Check your local laws and restrictions before ordering these products. Compliance and/or payment for any such restrictions, fees, permits, or other liabilities is solely the responsibility of the purchaser. Buyers who refuse to pay import fees upon delivery and elect to abandon their packages will only be eligible for a partial refund LESS the cost of transportation (including return transportation to the pro-shop), settlement of applicable import costs already assessed, and a mandatory 15% restocking fee. Hunter's Friend, LLC does not warrant that anyone may legally purchase, possess, or transfer ownership of a compound bow. By submitting an order for such items, the purchaser warrants: (1) That he or she is an adult an is under no legal restriction or disability to make such a purchase. (2) That in the event of age misrepresentation of defiance of local/regional laws and restrictions, Hunter's Friend LLC will not be held liable for any damages or consequences arising from the transaction. (3) Hunter's Friend LLC will not be held liable for damages resulting from the use, misuse, malfunction, or improper handling of such items. (4) That the purchaser has adequate expertise and capability to properly use or handle such items with sufficient safety.