Gold Tip Hunter XT,  Finished Arrows
Gold Tip Hunter XT, Finished Arrows

Gold Tip Hunter XT, Finished Arrows

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  • Finished Arrows:Hand Fletched to Order, Trimmed, Inserted, Tipped and Ready to Shoot

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Thanks to Gold Tip's 100% carbon technology, speed, stability and strength merge to make Hunter XT Arrows excellent for virtually any hunting situation. XT versions have a remarkably accurate ±0.003" straightness factor. The Hunter XTs have become a bit of a shop favorite this year, and I have become a big fan of them. If you are looking for an excellent arrow that wont break the bank, STOP LOOKING, you have found it! It wont take you long to realize you made the right choice once you start flinging a few down range.

BACK FOR GOOD! Believe it or not, there was a short time when we were not a Gold Tip Dealer! During that time we received countless requests for their shafts. NO JOKE! It was a constant thing! This made us realize just how much of an impact Gold Tip Arrows have on people. There is a reason so many people called looking for these things! There is a reason that we were more than happy to add them to the line up once again for 2017! There is a really good reason so many shooters are proud to shoot them out of their bows every, single year! It is because Gold Tip shafts are just THAT GOOD! If you have never tried them, now is your chance to get a piece of the action. Give them a shot! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!



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